Best SIM Cards for Italy

Looking for the best SIM card for your upcoming trip to Italy? We have you covered. 

Nowadays, travelling without the internet seems quite inconvenient and virtually impossible. Access to the internet allows you to go through your travels practically and smoothly. In other words, you do not have to ask strangers for directions or deal with people who do not speak the same language as you do. The best option to ensure you stay connected during your trip is to obtain a SIM card compatible with the country you are travelling to. 

If you’re heading to Italy, preparing for your travels properly includes finding the best SIM cards for Italy. That is, you should explore your options and figure out the best way to stay online during your adventure. You can use several methods to get the SIM card that suits you and the prepaid plan that will give you the advantages you are looking for. 

I have created a straightforward guide to help you see all your options regarding SIM cards for Italy. You can see what checks all the boxes when it comes to your connection requirements so you can obtain the most suitable plan. Figuring that out before you set off for your trip is better than dealing with many things at once when you reach your destination!

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How Can You Obtain a SIM Card for Italy?

If you opt for an Italy SIM card, it is necessary to figure out the most convenient way for you to get one. You can consider several options before picking out the one that suits you the best. 

One of the easiest options at your disposal is purchasing a card before your trip, meaning you will be prepared in advance. Once you reach your destination, you will immediately be connected to the whole world. This option is slightly more expensive than the other options, but you will have access to the internet the minute you get to Italy. You will also have a phone number and the ability to make calls, so you will be all set, whether it is to call a friend in Italy or a taxi from the airport. If convenience is your priority, then this is your solution. 

On the other hand, if you want to go for the cheaper option, you can buy your Italy SIM card after arriving in the country. In fact, this is the cheapest plan available, but you will have to track down the SIM retailer when you get to your destination. This means you will have to be without a data plan and a number for some time. However, if this does not affect your travels, you can certainly consider this option. 

Nonetheless, I should not forget to mention the third option, which has become quite popular today. Namely, many phones nowadays are compatible with eSIM cards. These types of cards do not require any physical installation, meaning you will just need some type of code, and your data plan will be all set. But, there are different plans with distinguished features you may not find convenient for your travels. 

Before you buy a SIM card for Italy, make sure you know exactly what you need for your travels. Further down, I will talk about the best SIM cards for Italy, so you will probably find what suits you best once you look into their features.

What Are The Best SIM Cards for Italy You Can Purchase Before Your Trip?

If you choose the easiest and most convenient option, you will need to buy a card before you begin your travels. In other words, you will need to obtain an international or European data plan before you set off. As I said before, these plans are a little bit more expensive than those you can purchase in Italy, but you will avoid all the hassle of dealing with people who do not speak English, tracking the retailer, or registering the card with the provider. 

The benefits of opting for a European SIM card are that you will just have to insert the card when you arrive at your destination, and it will automatically connect to a local data provider. Since the EU has banned data charges, your international plan is bound to work in every European country.

Several options are available at, so you can easily find the one that suits your needs. This website offers some of the best data plans for many destinations, meaning you will quickly find the best SIM cards for Italy with different features. Once you order and purchase the card, it will be delivered within a few days. Just ensure you order it on time, so if there are any delays with the delivery, you will not have to worry about leaving without your data plan. 

Since there are many options to choose from, I can give you some suggestions that are proven to work. These are considered the best SIM cards for Italy you can purchase before your upcoming trip: 

Orange Holiday Europe 

When looking for the best data plan and high-quality SIM card for Italy, you cannot go wrong with Orange Holiday Europe. It probably offers the best features you can get in a European card and comes at a reasonable price. Not only does it provide you with an internet connection, but it also gives you the ability to call and text worldwide. Of course, there are certain limitations regarding the call minutes and number of texts, but it will undoubtedly be enough to cover your trip to Italy.

Plus, you may have heard that Orange is one of the largest European network providers, offering excellent coverage wherever you go, not just in Italy. And, you should not forget the fact that once you buy the card, you can use it for your further travels if you just change your limited credit. Moreover, if your destination is not only Italy but other countries in Europe as well, it means that you can use it until your trip finishes. 

The Orange Holiday Europe plan includes 20GB of data, unlimited texts and calls in Europe, 1000 texts and 1200 call minutes worldwide, and the possibility of a mobile hotspot. Initially, your prepaid plan will be valid for 14 days, but you can always prolong it if you opt for some extra credit. It costs $50, and usually, the delivery takes around three days.

Three Data Pack 

Another reliable option you can consider is the Three Data Pack. This is a cheaper option than the Orange plan, but it has fewer features. It provides 14GB of data, unlimited calls and SMS, and works in all European countries. Unlike Orange, this card is valid for 30 days, but you can only add extra credit with vouchers. 

It is $25, which is a great solution if you travel to multiple European destinations or plan to stay longer in Italy. It is also one of the best SIM cards for Italy because it provides good coverage. You will have solid internet speed wherever you go and can make unlimited phone calls and texts within Europe. 

However, you should ensure that 14GB of data is enough for you; otherwise, you may end up without internet, especially if the trip is quite long. You can get your card delivered quickly, but before you purchase it, ensure the features are aligned with your needs.

How to Purchase a SIM Card in Italy? 

If you decide to go for the cheaper option, i.e., buying an Italy SIM card once you reach your destination, you should be aware of several things. That is, you need to know where to buy it and what features you get regarding the place of purchase. The good thing is you have several options, but you need to figure out your needs before you decide which one to buy. 

Find a Carrier-Specific Store 

The safest and most reliable solution would be to find a carrier-specific store where you will purchase a SIM card for Italy and get customer service as well. Many mobile shops nationwide sell their services and can install your card within minutes. Generally, people in these stores are required to speak English, so you will probably not encounter any issues.

Below is an image of a WINDTRE store – A popular phone carrier in Italy


best SIM Card for Italy | WindTre | Phone Shop in Italy

Find a Store with Multiple Mobile Plans  

Another option would be to go for a mobile store that sells prepaid plans from different carriers. However, customer service will likely be limited since the employees may help you set up your plan. Still, if other issues arise, you must contact the carrier company. This is a bit risky, but travellers often opt for this option because these stores are easy to find. 

Find a Vending Machine or a Tobacco Shop 

Mobile shops are not the only places to obtain a SIM card. Many tobacco shops, newsstands, and vending machines also offer SIM cards. You can find them everywhere around Italy, especially in places crowded with tourists. Most often, you can spot these shops at train stations and airports. Nonetheless, you should know that buying a SIM card this way will come without any customer service. You will have to buy the card and set it up yourself. If you need any assistance, you will have to contact the customer support of the company whose card you purchased.

Tabacchi | Milan
Best SIM card for Italy. | Tabacchi Vending Machine

Tabacchi (Tobacco Stores) in Italy, similar to this one, usually sells SIM cards inside. Most of them now also have a vending machine out front where you can buy (among other things) a recharge card for your existing or new SIM card. The brands they offer will vary.

SIM Card Vending Machine | SIM card in Italy
SIM Card Vending Machine | SIM card in Italy

You will frequently come across vending machines across Italy that offer SIM cards similar to this one.

When Should You Consider the eSIM Option?

As I previously mentioned, nowadays, eSIM options have become quite popular. It is not a surprise, considering it may be the most convenient solution when it comes to purchasing, but it also has certain limitations. 

If your phone is compatible, you can certainly take into account an eSIM for Italy. The best thing about this type of card is that you just need to buy it online and set it up following the instructions. There is no physical installation, i.e. you do not need to insert a new card into your phone. Generally, a code is sent to your email that you then need to use when setting up your eSIM for Italy.

Usually, eSIM cards are the best solution when internet access is your priority. They offer reliable service and also come with a phone number, meaning you can make calls and send text messages. The only issue may be that many do not support mobile hotspots, meaning you cannot share your internet with multiple devices. This is usually inconvenient for those who need to work during their trip and stay online from different devices. 

If you solely need to use data on your phone, then this may be the best solution for you, and you might not even need to look into other best SIM cards for Italy. I have included one suggestion for an eSIM card because it is known as the best service provider around the world.


Holafly can offer you the best eSIM for Italy services when you need unlimited data on your Italian trip. The company allows several options depending on the number of days you will spend in another country. So, considering the number of days, the price of the card varies, but the minimum is a five-day plan that comes to €19. Every plan includes unlimited data with calls but no data sharing on multiple devices. 

The setup is quite easy since it includes only a few steps. Once you purchase your preferred plan, a code will be sent to your email. You can scan the code or insert it manually. Afterwards, you simply install the eSIM card and activate it once you arrive in Italy. Once activated, you will automatically connect to a local phone carrier and use a reliable internet connection throughout your trip.

Other great features that Holafly offers are the ability to use your own number for WhatsApp and customer service at your disposal 24/7. So, if you encounter any issues, the employees will guide you to the solution quickly and efficiently.

Our guide on how to find the best SIM card in Italy

Familiarising yourself with the best SIM cards for Italy and the options that come with them will make your travels smooth and stress-free. Staying connected during your trip is necessary for your convenience. So, ensure you figure out your best solution beforehand and make the most of your journey!


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