7, 10, 14 Day Southern Italy Itinerary

If you’re up for a vacation filled with beautiful destinations, loads of culture, and yummy food, Southern Italy is the place to be! Here’s a Southern Italy itinerary guide for 7, 10, or 14 days you can consider. It’s like your golden ticket to discovering all the awesome stuff in Southern Italy. 

So, whether you’re into fast-paced adventures or just wanna take it easy, this guide is your go-to buddy. Let’s explore further.

Capri | Southern Italy Itinerary

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    A Glimpse into Southern Italy: A Combo of History And Beauty

    things to do in Naples Italy | Napoli | Vesuvio

    Down in Southern Italy, aka the Mezzogiorno, life can be like a chill Sunday afternoon – laid-back atmosphere, slow pace, and a unique cultural flavor.

    And oh, did I forget the landscapes? 

    The rolling hills in Puglia and rugged peaks in Basilicata are a feast for the eyes. If you’re into history, there are ancient ruins to geek out on. Honestly, nature lovers – you’re in for some breathtaking views. 

    Here’s the bonus: it won’t break the bank. Southern Italy is generally friendlier on the wallet compared to the north. Just a heads up, prices might fluctuate a bit depending on when and where you go. So, if you’re all about good times, good views, and good eats, Southern Italy is calling your name!

    Here’s a glimpse of what awaits you:

    • Warm weather: Southern Italy boasts a Mediterranean climate, ensuring warm temperatures, especially during the summer months.
    • Rich history: Explore ancient sites like Pompeii, Herculaneum, and Matera, providing a fascinating peek into the region’s past.
    • Charming towns: Discover the allure of Positano, Sorrento, and Alberobello, where vibrant houses line narrow streets, creating picture-perfect settings.
    • Delicious cuisine: Relish mouthwatering dishes like pizza Napoletana, fresh seafood, and regional specialties such as orecchiette pasta and burrata cheese.
    • Relaxing atmosphere: Immerse yourself in the unhurried pace of life, embracing the laid-back attitude of Southern Italy.

    Planning is Key to a Smooth Journey

    Alright, let’s talk about the game plan! For your journey in Southern Italy, we’ve got the ultimate hookup – the Southern Italy Itinerary guide. It’s like your travel BFF, giving you the lowdown on each day of your chosen adventure.

    We’re talking about all the details – how to get around, cool places to visit, what to do for fun, and a ballpark on what you might spend. This southern Italy itinerary guide is your one-stop shop for a smooth and super enjoyable trip.

    Southern Italy Itinerary 7 Days Trip

    Port Alba Naples | Southern Italy Itinerary

    The book stalls of Port Alba in Naples 

    Day 1: Arrival in Naples

    Naples Street | Southern Italy Itinerary

    Landed in Napoli – Naples Airport gives you a warm welcome to Italy. Want an arrival tip? Catch the Alibus shuttle and travel with great ease.

    As for a place to stay, check out Hotel Napoli Centro. It’s comfy, handy, and only about €120 per night. Tucked in the Spaccanapoli district – where the action is.

    Now, drop your bags at the hotel and hit the streets. 

    First stop: San Carlo Theatre, a big deal in Euro opera. If you’re not an Opera fan you can skip this.

    Once done with the Opera, why not have some delicious pizza? You can taste the pizza masters’ skills at places like Sorbillo and Starita

    Next up, visit Naples at the National Archaeological Museum. A treasure central with ancient artifacts. You’ll love it if you’re a history buff.

    Since you’ll still be left with a lot of time on your hands, take a walk at Lungomare Caracciolo and treat yourself to Naples’ sweet treats at an old-school pastry shop. If you walk until the end, you will end up at Chalet Ciro, a cafe famous amongst locals for Neapolitan sweets. Try the Cono Graffa. You will not find anything like it elsewhere. 

    Chalet Chiro | Naples | Italy

    A Cono Graffa at Chalet Ciro – Highly recommended 

    Finally, as the sun goes down and it’s evening time, find a dinner spot with a view. I recommend La Stella di Napoli. It offers amazing views and a delicious menu that you won’t be able to resist.

    Pro tip: grab a Napoli Card. It’s a golden pass for public transport and discounts. With it, you’re practically a Naples local, cruising around effortlessly.

    Day 2: Naples and Pompeii

    Pompeii | Southern Italy Itinerary

    Start your second day by experiencing a cultural extravaganza at the Royal Palace. You’ll be staring at the royal residence of kings of Naples. The place is huge and is definitely one that you should visit.

    When it’s lunchtime in Naples, Pignasecca street market has your back. It’s an unwritten law – if you wanna feel Naples like a local, lunch at the market is a must. 

    Now, where are we headed next? Pompeii! While it’s a 35-40 minute ride from Naples, I’d say it’s worth it! So, get ready for a ride on our adventure express to explore old ruins. It’s like time-travel. We’re about to dive into how the Romans lived – no fancy time machines needed.

    As the sun sets, Naples lights up for a night out. Have dinner and a stroll through the streets – because who needs sleep in a city that never really goes to bed?

    Day 3: Amalfi Coast

    Amalfi Coast | Southern Italy Itinerary | Positano

    Positano – A gem along the Amalfi coast and an essential part of any Southern Italy Itinerary

    Begin your third day with a breath of fresh air. This is the day to witness true beauty, cliffs and the sea. And what better place than the Amalfi coast. We recommend that you wake up early for this trip. Wondering why? Well first, it’s a long ferry ride and will probably take an hour and half or even two, to reach there from Naples. NLG and Alilauro are the two ferry routes you can choose from. Well, there’s another option as well. You can take the train to Sorrento and then a bus.

    This ferry ride will let you experience sailing off into the sunset, drawn by the charm of Positano’s cliffs. 

    Picture those cute, colorful houses, the sweet aroma of limoncello in the air, and views that make you feel like you’re in a dolce vita daydream.

    Amalfi coast offers some of the best activities. You can hike the path of Gods or relax at the Furore beach if you want a calmer and more soothing day. 

    When you have seen enough of the sea, go back and wander around its lovely streets. Get lost in the small, narrow paths, find hidden treasures, and discover cute shops selling handmade pottery and local crafts. Enjoy a delicious scoop of gelato as you stroll through the charming squares.

    For dinner, try the local flavors. Choose a restaurant by the sea, where you can enjoy the fresh catch of the day while listening to the calming sounds of the waves. Let the sea breeze and the tasty food create a beautiful experience that you’ll remember.

    Day 4: Sorrento Excursion

    Southern Italy Itinerary | Sorrento | Summer Holiday Destinations in Italy


    Rise and shine, adventurer. It’s the 4th day already! And Sorrento is calling you. It’s a coastal wonder that’s practically begging to be a part of your Southern Italy itinerary guide. And hey, who knew a place named after lemons could be so appealing? Dive into the lemon-scented air, take a stroll through the lively streets, and maybe treat yourself to a limoncello tasting – because when life gives you lemons, make Limoncello!

    So, you know the drill by now. We have to find a way to reach Sorrento. Now, you have two options – You can either choose the ferry ride or take a bus. Note that the ferry ride will take an hour and 38 minutes, while traveling in a bus will take more than two hours to reach Sorrento.

    When you reach Sorrento, expect a busy day with lots of activities to try. It involves ascending to Sorrento’s clifftop, surrounded by views that would make your Instagram followers jealous. And guess what? That’s just the warm-up for the grand spectacle that is Sorrento.

    Our next destinations are closer to the Amalfi coast, so I suggest that you stay here rather than going back to Naples.

    Day 5: Positano and Ravello Retreat

    Southern Italy Itinerary | Positano

    Positano is like a living painting, with colorful houses clinging to the cliffs and giving off serious vacation vibes. Take a stroll through its twisty-turny streets, check out cool boutiques, and chill at cafes that redefine what it means to have a coastal view.

    For beach lovers, Spiaggia Grande is the place to be. Picture yourself on those sun-soaked sands, with clear waters inviting you to just relax. Grab a seaside spot at a trattoria, let the sea breeze do its thing, and dive into some local eats.

    Before ending your day, do head to Ravello. It’s like this hilltop paradise with villas and gardens that are basically art and nature having a love affair. Villa Cimbrone and Villa Rufolo are the stars of the show.

    Dinner time? Pick a cliffside joint in Ravello. Imagine twinkling lights below, stars above – it’s a celestial masterpiece.

    Day 6: Capri Pleasures

    Southern Italy Itinerary | Capri | Capri Beach | Summer Holiday Destinations in Italy

    Capri Beach

    Our next destination in the Southern Italy Itinerary is Capri –

    Capri is like the Beyoncé of islands – gorgeous, famous, and everyone’s crazy about it. Grab a ferry, go kayaking, soak up the stunning blue waters, and snap pics of the amazing views for your Insta. Keep in mind that it’ll take an entire day to enjoy Capri because there’s so much to do here.

    Wander around the cute streets, hit up fancy shops, and grab a little souvenir from the local craft scene. Basically, it’s like going on a shopping spree with an epic backdrop.

    And because we’re all about that sweet life (Dolce Vita, baby!), end your day with a feast. Whether you’re dining on a cliff or in an Italian joint, let the flavors of Capri’s seafood amaze you. Perfect way to cap off a day full of coastal beauty and island charm.

    Day 7: Departure

    Southern Italy Itinerary | Amalfi Coast

    And just like that, it’s your last morning in this awesome place. Take it easy – enjoy your espresso, soak up the moment, and let the Naples sun warm you up.

    Time to check out. Pack up your memories, say bye to your Neapolitan adventure- it’s been great.

    Hop on the shuttle to Naples Airport, where your ride to the sky is waiting. Bye-bye, Naples! It’s departure time, but keep the spirit of Southern Italy with you.

    Southern Italy Itinerary 10 Days Trip

    So, you want to have an extended vacation? I’ve got your back. Keep reading for an extended Southern Italy Itinerary

    Additional Days in Matera: Unearthing Treasures

    Day 8: Explore the Sassi District – An Odyssey into Matera’s Heart

    Sassi di Matera

    Sassi di Matera

    Day 8 is like a time machine taking you to Matera’s Sassi District. It’s not just history; it’s history carved in the stone beneath your feet. The Sassi caves are homes that tell stories of Matera’s past, and they even got a UNESCO gold star.

    Imagine this: You are wandering through these ancient cave homes, following the footsteps of many before you. It’s not just looking around; it’s like time-traveling without all the sci-fi stuff. The Sassi District is like Matera’s heart, and you’re becoming part of its living history.

    Now, let’s jump ahead a bit. After exploring the caves, bring in some modern energy. Matera isn’t all about the past; it’s into the ‘now’ with its contemporary art museums. You’ll see art that surprises you, installations that make you think, and Matera saying, “We’re not stuck in the past.”

    As the day moves to afternoon, let Matera charm you with its ancient streets. Cobblestones under your feet, golden buildings around – Matera is saying, “Let’s take a stroll through time.” No rush, no plan – just you enjoying Matera’s timeless charm.

    Find hidden spots, maybe stumble upon a cozy café, and feel Matera’s vibe. The Sassi District isn’t just about buildings; it’s about moments, and Matera wants you to enjoy each one.

    Now, imagine an evening in a local Matera restaurant. Dinner isn’t just eating; it’s a big celebration of local flavors. Matera’s food scene is the star, not just a side thing.

    From pasta to desserts, each dish is like a shout-out to Matera’s food history. It’s not just a meal; it’s like getting a culinary hug from Matera’s kitchen.

    Day 9: Day Trip to Alberobello and Locorotondo – Trulli Tales and Hilltop Whispers

    Southern Italy Itinerary | Alberobello | Best Places to Visit in Puglia

    Day 9 is all about unlocking nearby wonders. Start your day with breakfast in Matera, then head to Alberobello, a magical town famous for its Trulli houses. Imagine walking into a storybook where houses look like they have pointy hats, and the streets tell enchanting tales.

    Explore the Rione Monti district in Alberobello, where narrow streets share the history of these unique cone-shaped homes. These Trulli houses aren’t just pretty; they’re storytellers approved by UNESCO, sharing Alberobello’s special story.

    Don’t miss Trullo Sovrano, the big boss of Trulli houses with a museum inside. It’s not just a home; it’s like a piece of living history, ready to spill its secrets. Picture yourself walking through its cozy rooms, feeling the echoes of the past.

    After all that exploring, it’s time for lunch. Find a local spot and dig into Puglian delights. Orecchiette pasta with fresh burrata cheese? Absolutely! It’s not just a meal; it’s like a dance of flavors in your mouth.

    Later on, your adventure takes you to Locorotondo, a hilltop gem with white houses and winding streets. It’s not just a town; it’s like a picture waiting for your footsteps. Take a stroll, enjoy the views, and let Locorotondo’s charm put a smile on your face.

    As the sun starts to set, let’s add a touch of Puglian joy – wine! Visit a local wine bar or winery, where you can sip and savor the local wines. Enjoy the evening in Locorotondo’s enchanting vibe.

    When the stars come out, wrap up your day in Alberobello and Locorotondo. Head back to Matera with a heart full of stories and a camera packed with memories.

    Day 10: Tranquil Retreat in Tropea

    Tropea | Southern Italy Itinerary

    Tropea Beach

    Wave goodbye to Matera and say hi to Tropea, a cool coastal spot with cliffs, sandy beaches, and clear blue waters. Start your day with a chill breakfast by the Tyrrhenian Sea, getting ready for a mix of relaxation and exploring.

    Tropea’s beaches are like those perfect postcard pictures. Spend your morning on Tropea Beach, soaking up the sun with a view of Santa Maria dell’Isola church on the cliff. Whether you want to take a swim or just enjoy the sun, let the calming waves be your background music.

    Grab lunch at a local spot – could be a trattoria or a seafood place. Taste the yummy flavors of Calabrian cuisine while enjoying awesome views of the coast. Fresh seafood and local dishes are waiting to please your taste buds.

    In the afternoon, take a casual walk through Tropea’s old town. Check out the architecture of the Norman Cathedral, stroll through colorful shops in narrow alleys, and find hidden spots that tell Tropea’s interesting history. 

    Don’t forget to see the Sanctuary of Santa Maria dell’Isola – it’s like Tropea’s famous landmark.

    If you’re feeling a bit adventurous? Maybe think about a boat trip to the nearby Aeolian Islands. These volcanic islands have some unique sights, and a day trip lets you explore them.

    It’s natural to feel tired after an adventurous activity, so, find a comfy spot to catch the Tropea sunset. Whether it’s by the beach or from a nice viewpoint. The golden colors reflecting on the sea create pure magic. Snap some pics or just enjoy the beauty of nature.

    End your day with a tasty dinner in one of Tropea’s cozy restaurants. Try local specialties like ‘nduja (spicy Calabrian sausage) and handmade pasta.

    Note: If you’re planning to continue your journey towards Puglia, you may consider heading to Bari for the next leg of your adventure. Alternatively, if you prefer to explore more of Calabria, you could stay in Tropea for another day before making your way to Puglia.

    Southern Italy Itinerary 14 Days Trip

    If you want a 14 day southern Italy Itinerary then keep going. We have your back. 

    Day 11: Ostuni and Polignano a Mare – A Tale of Whitewashed Marvels and Cliffside Wonders

    Ostuni | Southern Italy Itinerary

    It’s Day 11, and the sun is making Ostuni, the “White City,” look like a fairy tale. Picture walking through narrow streets with buildings all shiny and white, like pearls in the Italian sun.

    Now, let’s jump to the afternoon adventure in Polignano a Mare (About an hour from Ostuni). It’s a town by the sea, and when you get there, it’s like looking at a real-life postcard. The sea sparkles, the town is hugging cliffs, and you can explore caves along the coastline.

    And guess what? The day isn’t over until you’ve had an Italian dinner. Find a nice spot in a restaurant in Polignano with a view. Imagine enjoying local food while the sun sets, painting the sea in orange and pink colors. It’s like having dinner with a show, Puglian style. We recommend Pescaria, but you may have to wait in line. 

    Day 12: Cooking Class in Bari – Where Old Town Meets Culinary Mastery

    Bari | Southern Italy Itinerary

    Bari Old Town

    Morning vibes on Day 12 start with a leisurely walk through Bari’s historic Old Town. Think cobblestone streets, ancient churches, and an undeniable sense of history hugging you like an old friend. 

    Hold onto your apron strings because the afternoon is a hands-on affair – a date with Puglian cuisine. Imagine yourself in a lively kitchen, rocking an apron, ready to uncover the mysteries behind local dishes. It’s not just a cooking class; it’s a full-on plunge into Puglian flavors.

    Now, let’s talk about dinner. As the sun takes its bow and the evening kicks in, it’s time to enjoy the fruits of your culinary adventure. What’s on the menu, you ask? Well, only the delicious creations you whipped up during the class.

    Day 13: Gargano National Park – Nature’s Embrace and Coastal Bliss

    Gargano National Park | Southern Italy Itinerary

    A view of Gargano National Park

    Ready for a day in nature’s playground? Day 13 whisks you away to Gargano National Park. Forests, mountains, and beaches, all wrapped up in one delightful package. It’s like stepping into a postcard, only this time, you’re in the picture.

    Explore the Forest Umbra, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where ancient beech trees stand tall. 

    Next stop: Monte Sant’Angelo, a place of pilgrimage with caves and views that will leave you in awe. It’s a spiritual journey in the heart of nature.

    Time to trade the forest for the beach. Vieste, with its golden sands and crystal-clear waters, is your playground. Whether you’re dipping your toes, snorkeling, or just basking in the sun, Vieste is coastal bliss at its best.

    Bid adieu to Gargano and return to Bari. Evening in Bari might bring the enchantment of its historic streets or a relaxed dinner by the sea. The choice is yours.

    Day 14: Brindisi – Gateway to the Adriatic

    Brindisi | Southern Italy Itinerary

    Time for a scenic adventure as Day 13 takes you to Brindisi. You’ve got options – either buckle up for a picturesque drive or kick back on a relaxing train journey. Watch as Matera’s rocky charm morphs into Brindisi’s coastal allure. It’s like going from one cool story to the next.

    Once you hit Brindisi, dive headfirst into its maritime legacy. Check out the Roman Columns, proudly standing at the harbor’s edge, and imagine ancient ships docking here like they owned the place. Take a stroll along the Seafront Promenade, breathe in that Adriatic breeze, and let the waves whisper some maritime tales.

    Time for a seafood feast! Lunch at a waterfront joint is a must. Brindisi knows how to do coastal cuisine right, so indulge in some fresh seafood dishes. Take your time – not just for the flavors but also for those panoramic Adriatic views.

    Now, wander through Brindisi’s Old Town. Cobblestone streets lead you to gems like the Aragonese Castle and the Cathedral. It’s like a walk through history – you can practically feel the centuries in the air.

    Feeling cultural? Hit up the Archaeological Museum to dig into Brindisi’s ancient past. Get a peek at artifacts that tell tales of this city being a crossroads for civilizations through the ages.

    As the day gracefully glides into evening, head to Punta Riso for a sunset view over the Adriatic. Find a quiet spot, soak it in, and let the memories of Matera mix with the allure of Brindisi.

    For your grande finale, dinner in one of Brindisi’s lively piazzas is a must. Pick a spot where you can munch on regional goodies and sip local wines.

    And, that winds up your Southern Italy itinerary 14 days trip!

    General Tips and Highlights: Your Southern Italy Helper

    Travel Tips

    Alright, let’s chat about the practical stuff to make your Southern Italy trip super smooth. These tips should help you breeze through the ins and outs of transportation, where to lay your head, what tasty treats to try, the cool cultural spots, and all those everyday details.

    Transportation: Getting Around the Southern Magic

    Think About Flights and Airports: So, where are you landing? Naples is a big deal, but don’t forget about Bari and Brindisi – they’re pretty convenient too. Think not just about the place but also about the journey. It’s like choosing the best ride for your adventure.

    Try a Car Rental for Puglia: Ever dreamt of driving along the coast, feeling the wind in your hair? Renting a car is like having a key to all of Puglia’s hidden gems. It’s not just a car; it’s your ticket to Puglia’s secret spots. This is highly recommended in Southern Italy!

    Note: Btw, you won’t find any taxi sharing services such as Uber here! So, renting a car is one of the best options here.

    Accommodation: Where Sweet Dreams Begin

    Check Out Places to Stay in Matera: Matera is an amazing place with unique stays. From caves to cozy guesthouses, where you sleep is part of the adventure. Find a stay that feels like home.

    Pick a Nice Stay in Puglia’s Old Towns: As you dive into Puglia, where you sleep is like being part of its history. A trullo in Alberobello or a historic Masseria surrounded by olive trees? It’s not just a bed; it’s your backstage pass to Puglia’s stories.

    Safety and Smart Moves: Navigating Everyday Stuff

    Stay Healthy and Safe: Safety always comes first! Southern Italy’s charm shines even brighter when you’re feeling great. Pack some sunscreen, drink water, and don’t hesitate to ask the locals if you feel lost. And, yes – Google maps is also sufficient for directions.

    Handle Money Stuff: When you’re exploring Southern Italy, it’s good to have a bit of cash, but using Visa or Mastercard is usually easy. American Express might not work everywhere, especially outside of hotels. So, it’s smart to have another card, just in case

    With these tips, you’re all set to venture into a memorable Southern Italy Itinerary of your life. The stage is yours; let the Southern magic take your breath away!

    Happy Travels!


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