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While brunch is a huge thing in the USA, across Italy, people have not really adopted this trend. Instead of entire meals, locals tend to go for pastries, such as croissants. However, brunch in Milan is slowly becoming a craze as new places start opening up and creating environments for people to enjoy delicious meals in the middle of the day. There are some great spots that offer different kinds of delicacies you will not be able to resist. 

If you want to experience a late breakfast during your Milan visit, you should explore the places that are considered best. Knowing where to go when you feel hungry at midday will help you avoid wandering around the city trying to find a suitable spot. The choice is quite vast, meaning there is a place for every taste. 

To help you plan your trip easily and avoid wasting time on research, I have included some amazing brunch spots you may find delightful. I have added options for different diets so even the pickiest eaters will find something that suits them.

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What Are The Best Brunch Spots in Milan? 

Finding the right places might be tricky, considering that brunch is not a main thing in Italy. Nonetheless, Milan is a city that follows trends, and you can find pretty amazing spots around. But, it is also a big city, so if you try to find them on the go, you may just waste time and settle for something that might not suit your preferences. 

That is why having a list of the best locations can be convenient. And you have that list right here. I have prepared some fantastic places along with their features and offerings so you can easily find the one you prefer. 

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When you are looking for the perfect place for brunch in Milan, Italy, look no further than Nowhere. Besides the cool name, this is a spot with cool features as well. Unlike fancy places all around the city, Nowhere is a casual cafe where you can feel comfortable and cosy. 

It is actually a speciality coffee shop, but they also decided to include delicious morning feasts. The options they offer are heavenly tasty, and there is something even for the pickiest eaters. Their menu consists of delicate dishes from different cuisines, all made in their own unique versions. Nowhere uses carefully selected ingredients for vegans and vegetarians in mind. Therefore, if you have a special diet that you follow on a daily basis, this is a place that will not leave you hungry. 

Besides being an excellent spot for brunch in Milan, Nowhere offers the finest selection of books and vinyls. You can certainly go there alone and feel comfortable in the surroundings of like-minded people from all around the world. Even though Italians might not be great followers of the brunch trend, this coffee shop is proof that they can adapt and easily blend in with different cultures. 

A quick warning for the coffee lovers who want to visit this place. They DO NOT offer sugar or other sweeteners in any of their coffees. If you like to add something sweet to your coffee, you might want to get an espresso before visiting 😉

Brunch in Milan
Nowhere Cafe

MOMO Milano 

MOMO Milano is considered the hidden gem of the city. The place offers tasty Senegal food and astonishing settings, so once you get there, you will feel like you are in a different world. It is a great spot when you want to change the scenery from all that fabulous architecture in Milan. MOMO is colourful, vibrant, and definitely one of the most comfortable places with glorious food. 

This is where you will witness the perfect blend of two cultures from two sides of the world and enjoy the tastiest dishes. MOMO offerings include delightful teas, robust coffee, and refreshing cocktails. While the food will undoubtedly impress your taste buds, the amazement doesn’t stop here. In fact, the most interesting feature of the place is the decoration. Since it is of Senegal origin, this coffee shop will transport you to the opposite hemisphere. 

Moreover, each corner of MOMO comes with something that will surprise you. For instance, if you go to the back of this restaurant, you will see that it is also a market where you can buy different amusing items. Therefore, do not forget to explore it and have a brunch in Milano with a difference!

God Save The Food 

Good Save The Food is one of the healthiest and most diverse places you will see in Milan. They are not solely offering healthy food but tasty as well. They are dedicated to preparing dishes for the soul, so once you get inside, you will not want to leave. The menu is quite versatile, therefore, expect to find distinguished delicacies that you have never tried before. Also, this is a good place for people who do not eat meat or gluten. They have thought about everyone, so be sure that you are not leaving the restaurant hungry!   

Count on cuisines from different parts of the world, including American, European, and Asian as well. God Save The Food is an amazing choice for people with different tastes. This is a place that will satisfy even the pickiest eaters. 

Besides its extraordinary menu offerings, the restaurant tends to make Milano brunch quite comfortable with its setting. The ambience is modern and cosy with simplistic yet elegant details, so you will enjoy your time there besides the good food.

Avo Brothers 

Some people consider avocado the main brunch food! If you are one of those people who are in love with avocados and need to begin the day with one, then visiting Avo Brothers is a must! The place is all about healthy and green choices that are good for both the body and the soul. If you want your brunch in Milano, Italy, to be as healthy and delicious as possible, this nourishing spot should be on your itinerary.

Avo Brothers is a heaven for vegans and people who love plant-based food and organic options. This is an eatery with unique and delicious recipes you cannot find elsewhere in Milan. The philosophy of the Avo Brothers is that being green is a lifestyle we all need to adopt to create a better future together.

If you love dishes where green is the dominant colour, this is a place you need to visit at least once during your stay in the city. There, the best brunch in Milan becomes a unique occasion, and your plate is exposed to the most delicious ingredients and flavours with the environment in mind. Begin your green revolution in one of the most iconic places in the fabulous Lombardy’s Capital!


Even though daytime dining is an American thing, Ofelé has given it an Italian appearance. This is a classic Milanese bistro where you can taste different kinds of dishes at any time of the day. The greatest thing about Ofelé is its homey ambience, which makes everyone feel relaxed and comfortable. It is a living room where you forget about your worries and focus on awakening the senses with tasty delicacies.

Try astonishing baked goods accompanied by extraordinary herbal teas or a strong cup of coffee. Your best brunch in Milan can also be accompanied by a good book or even some work that you have not finished before your trip. This welcoming cafe will let you believe that you are at home due to the setting it offers. It is one of the favourite places among locals, so if you want to feel like one, do not miss out on this place! 

Make sure that after your delicious meal, you give the ​​Ofelé’s desserts a try. Pretend that calories do not count when you travel and savour the delicious pancakes they offer. They will sweeten your soul, leaving you with no room for regret!

Deus Ex Machina/ Deus Cafe Milano 

If you want a unique Milano brunch, then you may want to have it on your travel agenda. Deus Cafe Milano is part of Deus Ex Machina, an Australian motorcycle store that offers an unforgettable experience for bike enthusiasts and food lovers. Australians understand brunch, so tasty food varieties are guaranteed. 

The menu contains everything from plant-based recipes to meat dishes or a classic breakfast with fruit juice, pancakes, and coffee cake. The cafe also offers amazing sweet and savoury alternatives, such as a variety of croissants and delicious sandwiches. The menu is quite long, so you will surely need some time to choose. 

In addition to the glorious food choices, Deus Cafe Milano prides itself on its unique setting. The ambience is filled with greenery, so guests can get the feeling as if they are in a botanical garden. It is the perfect scenery for an unforgettable experience and a mouthwatering brunch in Milan!

Bar Bulgari 

When looking for a fancy and luxurious atmosphere for a Milano brunch, Bar Bulgari is the place! This is one of the most exclusive places in the city, and it is part of one of the most sophisticated hotels. Considering it is an upscale bar, just imagine the food options. There are so many delicacies on the menu that even the pickiest gourmands can find their favourite. If you want both a luxurious setting and delightful food, you should not skip this astonishing bar. 

Bar Bulgari comes with spectacular exterior and interior designs. Therefore, whatever season you decide to visit, you will not end up disappointed.  However, I would recommend going during spring or summer because you can see both sides of the place. The insides of the bar boast miraculous and elegant decor while the garden is abundant with lush flora. 

Even though the prices are higher than other brunch places around Milan, the experience you will get is unparalleled. You will get to see the posh side of the city and enjoy a heavenly ambience. Not to mention the glorious taste of the late-morning food they offer! If this is something that goes with your preferences, do not miss out on this chance!

Santeria Social Club 

Last but not least is Santeria Social Club, one of the cosiest places in Milan. This is a spot with the most versatile brunch menu in the city, so satisfaction is guaranteed. There are options for vegans and meat lovers as well, so you do not have to worry about your diet preferences – you will surely not leave hungry! 

Besides a distinguished menu, Santeria has multiple purposes, hence the nickname “social club”. Locals use it as a spot for hanging out but also as a space for work, art, training, and knowledge. It is quite vibrant, so expect to see people with different characters, professions, and lifestyles. You will enjoy not only the food but also the culture!

Honourable mentions – For a Milanese style brunch. 

Aroma Cafe Napoletano: Although not a brunch place, the croissants are absolutely worth a visit. Don’t take my word for it, look at these photos. 

Marcato Centrale Milano: Opens from 7am and is situated in the Central train station. This place is ideal if you arrive in the city early and want something to start your day. It has several bakeries, Coffee places and even a sweet shop 

Pasticceria Sissi: A typical Italian style cafe, you won’t find poached eggs or avocado here but the pastries are worth a visit if you want to eat like a local.  

Princi: An institution in Milan at this point. This bakery has expanded internationally but is loved by locals in Milan for its high-quality pastries and baked goods. It’s also open till late if you want to have an aperitivo.

Aroma Cafe Napoletano
Brunch in Milan | Aroma Cafe Napoletano

Aroma Cafe Napoletano

Brunch in Milan – Final Thoughts 

Although brunch is not really a thing across Italy, in Milan, you can get the full experience. This list contains the best places, so whatever you choose will not be a mistake. There are many interesting spots to pick from, but no matter which one you put on your itinerary, it will bring you unforgettable moments. Brunch in Milan is extraordinary, so do not miss out on it, at least for one day! 

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