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Bosco Verticale | Milan | Milan in a day

Milan in a Day

Getting lost in Milan’s beauty is a dream come true for many people. But what should you do when you only have one day to do that? It is a big city, and going through everything it offers in only 24 hours is impossible. However, if you get a chance

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Syracuse port | 5-Day Sicily Itinerary

Our 5-Day Sicily Itinerary

Sicily is the largest and one of the most gorgeous Italian islands. This means that you will need a longer vacation to explore most of it in detail. It is full of amazing cities and small towns you will fall in love with, but 5 days would definitely not be

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2 days in Venice | Venice | Rialto Bridge

2 Days in Venice: Tips for Visiting Venice

2 Days in Venice: Tips for Visiting Venice Venice is one of the most breathtaking cities in Italy. It is also very convenient for those who want to spend only a couple of days there. While the place offers plenty of things to see and do, 2 days in Venice

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Vineyards in Sicily

Top Vineyards in Sicily

Vineyards in Sicily Besides glorious art and delightful food, Italy is known for its divine selection of wine. Most Italian regions are abundant with majestic vineyards producing delightful wine types. That is why one of the most popular activities in Italy is wine tasting, and Sicily offers some of the

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Northern Italy vs Southern Italy | Florence | Capri

Northern Italy vs Southern Italy

Northern Italy vs Southern Italy: Which is Better for Travel? Italy is a magnificent gem of Europe that many people want to visit. Namely, it is one of the countries many travellers put on their bucket lists. However, the decision to visit Italy comes with so many other decisions as

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Santuario di Santa Maria dell'Isola a Tropea | Calabria | Calabria Travel Itinerary

Calabria Travel Itinerary: Our 6-day Guide

An Entertaining 6-Day Calabria Travel Itinerary! Calabria, the toe of Italy’s boot, is a hidden gem. It’s loaded with serene beaches, charming villages, and delicious local food. Boom! If you’re someone who loves nature and good eats, Calabria is where you need to be, and our 6-day Calabria travel itinerary is

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Rome Nightlife Guide | Rome outdoor bar

Rome Nightlife Guide

When in Rome: The Best Places to Eat, Drink & Dance in the Italian Capital The Italian capital of Rome is awash with things to see, a city where history comes alive. From the legendary Colosseum to the Roman Forum and the ancient Pantheon, you won’t run out of places

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Turin | Is Turin worth visiting | Turin Royal Palace

Is Turin worth visiting

Is Turin Worth Visiting? You know that Italy is one of Europe’s top tourist destinations, and the reasons are more than justified! It boasts beautiful cities and places, so it is often challenging to pick out a destination if you start planning your trip to Italy. You are probably aware

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Milan Nightlife | Milan Duomo

Milan Nightlife Guide

Milan Nightlife Guide: The Best Places to Eat, Drink & Dance in Milan, Italy The northern city of Milan is a popular city break destination and one of Italy’s cultural hubs. Home to the Teatro alla Scala opera house as well as a number of galleries and museums, it is popular with travelers

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Southern Italy Itinerary | Alberobello | Best Places to Visit in Puglia

Best Places to Visit in Puglia

It takes only one trip around Italy to make you realise what a magical country it is. Each city has its vibe, and seeing all of them is nearly impossible. But if you are up for something special, you need to be on the lookout for hidden gems. One such

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Best SIM card for Italy

Best SIM Cards for Italy

Looking for the best SIM card for your upcoming trip to Italy? We have you covered.  Nowadays, travelling without the internet seems quite inconvenient and virtually impossible. Access to the internet allows you to go through your travels practically and smoothly. In other words, you do not have to ask

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Tiber River | Rome | Rome in winter

Winter in Rome

Planning to spend winter in Rome? You might be wondering if or how the cold season can affect your plans while you want to enjoy the beauty of the Eternal City. So, the good news is that the chilly days and cloudy skies won’t distress your trip. There are plenty

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Capri | Southern Italy Itinerary

7, 10, 14 Day Southern Italy Itinerary

If you’re up for a vacation filled with beautiful destinations, loads of culture, and yummy food, Southern Italy is the place to be! Here’s a Southern Italy itinerary guide for 7, 10, or 14 days you can consider. It’s like your golden ticket to discovering all the awesome stuff in

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Nightlife Guide to Naples | Italy | Naples

Nightlife Guide to Naples Italy

Naples, the city that gave us pizza and one of Italy most beloved football teams. Located in Italy’s south, this laid-back city is a popular destination for travellers, and is a stop on many cruise itineraries too. If you’re spending a night or two in the city on your next

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Best Day Trips From Milan | Santa Maria delle Grazie

Best Day Trips From Milan

Best Day Trips From Milan: The Must-Have Experiences You Need   Milan, a global fashion and design capital, serves as a cultural and economic epicenter. Located in northern Italy, it radiates a vibrant, cosmopolitan vibe, making it an ideal starting point for exploration. While Milan’s allure is undeniable, the surrounding

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Italy Vacation Tips | Venice

Our Top Italy Vacation Tips

Whenever you travel somewhere, you want to leave your country prepared. Besides arranging your accommodation, transportation, and travel documents, you need some additional information about the place you are visiting. If you plan to visit Italy, it will be quite more convenient if you know some local tips. You cannot

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The Best Restaurants in Trastevere, Rome

The Best Restaurants in Trastevere, Rome

Imagine savoring delectable dishes while enjoying panoramic views of Trastevere’s skyline. The best restaurants in Trastevere will not only tantalize your taste buds but also offer a feast for the eyes. It’s no secret that Trastevere’s upscale restaurants beckon with refined elegance. Candlelit tables, impeccable service, and a menu that

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Calamosche Beach | Beaches in Italy | Sicily

Beaches in Italy

Beaches in Italy – Our Ulitmate Guide by Region  The first things that come to mind when you think about Italy are its fascinating history, gorgeous landscapes, and delectable cuisine. However, you cant forget the beaches in Italy, which will surely surprise you! You’ve finished sightseeing, but where should you

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Florence | Ponte Vecchio | Best places to visit in Tuscany

Best places to visit in Tuscany

Our picks for the best places to visit in Tuscany   Tuscany is, without a doubt, one of the most scenic regions in Italy. It has been the ultimate dreamy destination for millions of travellers worldwide due to its many wondrous spots. So, it is unsurprising that many people put

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Positano | Towns on the Amalfi coast | Italy

The Towns on The Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful regions in Italy. However, planning your trip might quickly make you feel overwhelmed. Why, you might ask? Because of the vast choice of towns worth your visit! That is completely understandable since all of the towns on the

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Aperol Spritz | Cocktails in Italy

Cocktails in Italy – What you need to Know

Where to find the Best cocktails in Italy While most people who have been to Italy will boast about its beauty, culture, and food, there isn’t enough talk about another prominent and fun experience: drinking. Italy has a massive drinking culture, and of course, with all the wineries that it

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Osteria da Fortunata | Best Restaurants in Rome

Best Restaurants in Rome

Looking for the Best Restaurants in Rome? When in Rome, do what the Romans do. And what do they do? Well, apart from their very chivalrous and thrilling activities, Romans were big on food and wine, so a trip to Rome, Italy, is all about getting that experience. If you’re

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How to move to Italy from the USA

How to Move to Italy from the USA – Updated 2024

How to Move to Italy from the USA Disclaimer: This article is a general guide on how to move to Italy from the USA. We cannot give legal advice as individual cases may vary according to the individual’s background and circumstances. If you wish to apply for Italian Citizenship or move

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Aperitif in Italy | Aperitivo

Aperitif in Italy: All you need to know

We all have that friend who likes to boast about their trips abroad and then says things like, “Oh, but you HAVE to try this!” right? Well, suppose your friend’s recently been to Italy. In that case, they’re probably asking you to try an Aperitif in Italy (called Aperitivo) because

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Italy by Train | Italy Travel | Italy train guide

Traveling Italy By Train

Traveling Italy by Train If you’re considering a journey through the picturesque landscapes and bustling cities of Italy, traveling Italy by train is the way to go. While you can certainly buy train tickets on the spot at the station, it’s often wiser to plan ahead of time and secure

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best places to visit in Sicily

Best Places To Visit In Sicily

The Best Places To Visit in Sicily You want to visit Sicily for your upcoming vacation or business trip, but what should you see when you get there? From the start, there are lots of places to visit in Sicily, each more unique than the next! Just a few of

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things to do in Naples Italy | Napoli | Vesuvio

Things To Do In Naples Italy

Best Things to do in Naples Italy Let’s discover the energetic city of Naples, Italy! This captivating location, best known for the Pizza’s, Vesuvio and Gulf of Naples, provides a wealth of experiences that will leave you wanting more. Napoli, Italy, offers something for everyone, from indulging in the world-famous

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Manarola | Italy Travel | Cinque Terre

Best time to visit italy

When is the best time to Visit Italy? What comes to mind when envisioning an Italian holiday? Perhaps you think about the historic sites in Rome or the vineyards of Tuscany. Alternatively, perhaps the picturesque Amalfi Coast or the recognisable Venetian canals are more appealing to you. However, you should

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Florence | Things to do | Italy Travel

Things to do in Florence

Best Things to do in Florence If you’re preparing for a brisk trip into the heart of Tuscany, you’re in for a treat. Florence, or Firenze as the Italians kindly call it, is one of the many Italian cities where history, art, and food live in harmony. However, once you

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Vatican Museum | Museums of Italy

Museums of Italy – Updated 2024

Italy has something for every taste, be it art, architecture, food, fashion, and anything in between! However, the museums of Italy are something else. Since the beginnings of art have happened right in the heart of Italy, it is not a surprise that it is home to so many galleries.

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Pizza | what to eat in italy | Italy Travel

What to eat in Italy? – Updated 2024

Once you book your trip to Italy, you probably look for ways to make the most of it. And, of course, this includes food. While visiting famous landmarks is thrilling, that is not enough to feel the true Italian spirit. If you want to feel like a local, you need

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Positano on the Amalfi Cost

Cities to visit on your first trip to Italy

Cities to visit on your first trip to Italy Undoubtedly, Italy is one of the most visited countries in the world. Tourists from all around flock down to the “boot” and fall in love with it instantly, which is why they come back year after year. However, when you decide

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Cefalu Sunset - Sicily Italy

10 Best Summer Holiday Destinations in Italy

If you’re planning a summer vacation in Europe, you do not want to miss our list of best summer holiday destinations in Italy. Going on a holiday in Italy is a dream come true for many people. This Mediterranean country is known for its islands and super-vibrant cities, so its

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Travelling Italy on a Budget | Italy Travel Photos

Traveling Italy on a Budget

How to travel Italy on a budget If you have always wanted to visit the most romantic European country, but never had enough money for it, today, I come to you with a solution! It is true that the cost of traveling Italy leans on the more expensive side, but

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Cities to visit on your frist trip to Italy | Milan | Italy Travel

11 Things to Do in Milan

Milan is one of those cities that have everything – magnificent architecture, astonishing hotels, marvellous sights, delightful food, and exceptional shops. However, if you have decided to visit this fantastic place, you need to make a plan for the spots you want to see. In other words, picking out things

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Things to do in Rome | Tips for Traveling Italy | traveling to Rome for the first time

Traveling to Rome for the First Time

Traveling to Rome for the first time? Check out our guide.  Rome is a city on many people’s bucket lists for a good reason. It is one of the places in Europe with a certain spark of magic, so visiting it at least once in your lifetime is a must. However, if

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