Speciality Coffee in Milan

Besides Milan being one of the most fashionable cities, it is also a place where coffee culture takes centre stage. You cannot visit Italy without indulging in this special experience. Italians are quite unique when it comes to coffee. Their dedication and effort to produce speciality coffee in Milan with outstanding flavour is on another level. Therefore, make sure to include exploring cafes in your itinerary. 

Once you arrive in the city, you will see an abundance of cafes and espresso bars. Milan is arguably the home of espresso coffee culture worldwide. It’s the city that inspired Howard Schultz to create Starbucks. However, you will find that most places serve espresso “al banco,” which essentially means you drink a shot of coffee while standing at the counter. If you are looking for specialty coffee or even coffee that is not a shot of espresso, you might need a guide.

That is why I have created a list of spots worth visiting that will not disappoint you. Each bar is unique in its own way, and you can surely find something that suits you well. Therefore, ensure you have secured a spot on your travel agenda for a speciality coffee!

Speciality coffee in milan | Loste Cafe Milano

Speciality Coffee In Milan

What Are The Best Milan Cafes for Speciality Coffee?

Trying speciality coffee in Milan is more than just having a regular daily beverage! Coffee culture in Italy is a form of art in which baristas bring miraculous blends of techniques and flavours. Having a cup of the morning elixir means discovering a new world and telling a brand new story. 

Nonetheless, when your time is limited and you want to make the most of your trip, knowing the difference between standard espresso bard to the best places for specialty coffee is more complicated than it seems. Being prepared beforehand will help you better navigate through the city rather than wasting time trying to figure out how to find the best specialty coffee in Milan to enjoy the magnificence of this beverage. 

Here is a list of places that serve specialty coffee  to consider for your Milan getaway. Pick the ones that suit your needs, put them in your itinerary, and have an unforgettable time and enjoy the city like a local.

Orsonero Coffee 

When it comes to unique speciality coffee in Milan, you will not go wrong with Orsonero Coffee. This cafe does not only come with the most authentic aromas but also has an amazing story behind it. Namely, this coffeehouse was created by a couple from Vancouver who could not believe that speciality coffee was still not a thing in Lombardy’s Capital.

They decided to introduce astonishing tastes to people in Milan and get them to discover the magnificence of different coffee scents. However, they did not solely focus on the diversity of flavours but on the ambience as well. Orsonero Bar is known for its inviting and hospitable atmosphere along with the rich coffee beans. 

I strongly recommend visiting this cafe if you want a delicious caffeine fix, friendly staff, and a welcoming setting! Moreover, it will also let you see a different side of Milan’s lifestyle.

Pastries from Loste Cafe Milano | Orsonero
Osronero Milan | Coffee in Milan

Starbucks Reserve 

You may wonder why I put one of the biggest coffee chains in the world on a list of the best shops for the best speciality coffee in Milan. Starbucks is known worldwide for its distinguished types of coffee with various toppings and distinct flavours. But that is just regular espresso. When it comes to Starbucks Reserve, we are talking about something completely different.

The famous company has decided to level up in the world of coffee and offer its customers a new experience. Starbucks Reserve in Milano offers coffee beans from numerous parts of the world, with unparalleled tastes. In addition to the vast amount of aromatic notes, Starbucks Reserve also offers refined design and settings. That way, each cup carries its own tale and uniqueness.

Moreover, this ambience makes for a spot where people go to celebrate special occasions and immerse themselves in the joy of coffee. If you strive for heavenly tastes and a luxurious atmosphere, this place needs to be on your Milan agenda!

Speciality Coffee in Milan | Starbucks

Photo Credit: Robot8 – https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:Robot8A

Il Cafetero

Il Cafetero is a roastery where you go to discover rare coffee spices and flavours. It is a special location in which new adventures are born. Even if you do not know a lot about speciality coffee, this shop will change that. Everything about Il Cafetero is unique, and there is no place like it in Milan. 

When you go to Il Cafetero, the master barista, Federico Maggiulli, will show you another side of the morning fix, one you have never tasted before. His love for the morning elixir began in London, and since then, he has been improving and mastering his barista skills. Nowadays, when people go to this shop, they can have a drink and learn about it as well.

According to Federico, coffee is like wine. The way beans are harvested, their origin, and the roasting technique affect the overall taste of it. Il Cafetero takes the journey of speciality coffee in Milan to another level. So, if you are eager for new, authentic experiences, do not miss out on this place!

Il Cafetero Milan
Filter Coffee | Specialty Coffee Milan

Torrefazione Moka Hodeidah

It goes without saying that Milan is full of miraculous places whose interior simply takes your breath away. However, Torrefazione Moka Hodeidah goes even beyond that. I am talking about a one-of-a-kind spot with timeless design and java beans from all over the world. Once you step inside this roastery, you enter a world of aromas that will take you places.

Torrefazione Moka Hodeidah prides itself on the variety of roasts it brings from every corner of the world. If you are a picky person when it comes to speciality coffee, or you simply want unique tastes that cannot be found elsewhere, then you have just found your paradise. 

But, it is not only about the flavours. Torrefazione Moka Hodeidah is a place with outstanding design that will make your “coffee o’clock” even more enjoyable. If you try something that you really want, you can buy it and take it home. That way you will have the Milan spirit and coffee culture when you get back as well!

The Caffe Napoli

The Caffe Napoli originally came from Naples, but miraculously, it found its way to Milan. This coffee shop was founded by three entrepreneurs who set their hearts on introducing the Italian espresso tradition in a new and enticing way. Their coffee is usually served with a sugary cream known as “Cremoso” or “Creamy” which gives it a sweet, creamy texture. Espresso lovers will certainly fall in love with the blend of scents this cafe offers. 

Sweet, chocolatey, round, pasty, and persistent – these are the words that describe the true essence of The Caffe Napoli’s espresso. The owners have worked hard to create an exceptional coffee blend that suits even the choosy enthusiasts. Its heavenly aroma will awaken all your senses and tell you a story with each sip. 

Cremoso is created with a certain dose of passion and history, definitely worth a try. When you are trying to figure out how to begin your research and how to find the best speciality coffee in Milan there is a high chance that this cafe will come your way. People love it, so allow yourself to get immersed in the beauty of the well-selected coffee, once you get to the city!

Cafe Napoli Milano

Lot Zero 

If you want to try a morning starter created by a genuine expert and a latte champion, look no further than Lot Zero! It was founded by Chiara Bergonzi, a professional who has won the Latte Art Championship three times. Once she obtained masterful skills, she decided to open Lot Zero and share her precision and meticulousness with the people of Milan. If you want the best, this is your opportunity! 

Besides the amazing coffee, the ambience of Lot Zero is fascinating as well. The minimalist style is the dominant feature, making the cafe homey and welcoming. Additionally, while enjoying a cup of speciality coffee, you will get to see how locals spend their days and witness Italian culture in a true sense. 

Prepare to taste a blend of aromas and flavours like you have never sampled in your life. This cafe is determined to bring you closer to the world of caffeine and let you enjoy its magical world.

Cafezal Specialty Coffee Lab

Modern coffee and an astonishing setting are two features that make Cafezal Specialty Coffee Lab a miraculous spot. If you are into contemporary bars that offer revolutionary goods, then this is a place you need to put on your Milan itinerary. It is a haven dedicated to producing rich flavours and establishing a cosy atmosphere for people with refined coffee preferences. 

The interesting thing about Cafezal Specialty Coffee Lab is that besides offering heavenly aromas, it also provides courses for restaurant and cafe owners. Those who want to take their hospitality business to the next level can gain tremendous knowledge and experience. It is truly an enchanting place like no other. 

Cafezal Lab exists in two locations in Milan, meaning you can choose which part of the city suits you best. Both locations offer spacious areas and exceptional services, so you will not regret spending a morning or afternoon in one of them!


Besides the unique name, Nowhere offers an outstanding selection of coffee fragrances. This espresso bar completely differentiates from the rest of Milan. In contrast to snobby cafes, Nowhere embodies a minimalistic style, embracing simplicity and eschewing pretentiousness. Nowhere’s mission is to deliver exceptional goods to everyone in humble surroundings in which anyone is welcome. 

This friendly spot can be a safe haven for those who want a little peace and quietness and a break from the city’s crowds. This is the location to be when looking for the best speciality coffee in Milan and a cosy place to regain your energy. 

This coffee shop also offers delicious brunch options, taking vegans into consideration as well. Additionally, for those who appreciate the simple joys of life, there is nothing better than hot coffee along with a fine selection of books. If you are eager to change the scenery from all the fanciness and glamour of Milan, Nowhere will serve you as you desire.

One thing you must know about this place is that they DO NOT offer sugar or any other type of sweetener in their coffees, so if you like to add something to sweeten your coffee, you will be out of luck here.

Nowhere Coffee Milan | Specialty Coffee in Milan
Brunch in Milan | Nowhere Milan
Loste Cafe Milan | How to find speciality coffee in Milan

Loste Cafe 

If you’re in Milan and looking for a unique coffee experience, Loste Café is a must-visit. This café strives to deliver the perfect experience, from serving delicious coffee to offering hand-rolled pastries and casual lunches in a relaxed atmosphere. They offer several types of coffee not seen in most Italian bars, such as flat whites and filter coffee. They also serve sandwiches and focaccia as part of a lunch menu. Loste Café aims to blend tradition with a contemporary, approachable style, making it a popular part of Milan’s student and expat community. However, be prepared for its popularity; it can get very busy, often with a line out the door.

How to Find Specialty Coffee in Milan That Will Suit Your Preferences? 

When you look at this list, you will see that you will have an abundance of options to choose from. This is a good thing because you have a different place for each day. On the other hand, choosing which ones to visit might be overwhelming if you are staying in Milan for a short period. This becomes an even harder decision to make if you are a fan of the unique tastes of Italian coffee shops and bars.

Some people tend to leave out coffee shops from their itineraries and just resort to finding one on their way while exploring the city. But I strongly recommend planning your espresso shop visits if you want to make the most out of your travels. Authentic Italian java culture encourages slow savouring of every moment and nuanced flavour.

If you are still wondering how to find specialty coffee in Milan try following these rules.

Cafe Torrefazione

If a place features the word “Torrefazione” anywhere on the shopfront, this means that they roast their own beans. Generally, places that do this, have a greater emphasis on quality and will offer more unique/interesting flavors. 


Look at the Machine

There are thousands of Coffee Machine makers. Some of me more expensive brands include La Marzocco and Victoria Arduino. Businesses that invest more in their Coffee machine and Grinders are more likely to pay attention to the coffee they are producing. If the machine looks old and/or dirty, you are going to have a bad surprise. This is actually a good rule anywhere. 


Price does not equal Quality

In Milan, coffee is considered a right rather than a privilege. You can expect to pay around €1.00 – €1.50 for a standard espresso. Generally, the closer you are to the Duomo, the higher the price. However, this does not mean you will be getting a better quality coffee. If you are after a Filter Coffee, however, you can expect to pay a little bit more than this. 


I just want a flat white

If you are like us and just want a good old-fashioned flat white, then allow us to let you in on a secret. A flat white in most parts of the world is very similar to how a Cappuccino is made in most Italian bars. Outside of Italy, a cappuccino will be served with chocolate powder and a lot of foam (and often a pint of milk). In Italy, the chocolate powder is optional, and they use a very small amount of foam. The main difference is that it will be served in a porcelain cup. 

We recommend that you check the properties of each cafe and set your priorities. Once you establish this, you will be able to find the perfect spot that will meet all your needs and let you truly enjoy

Speciality Coffee in Milan – In Summary

This blog contains all the best places for specialty coffee in Milan. Now, it is up to you to pick the ones you like and experience the world of coffee distinctively. One thing is certain: whatever place you choose, you will certainly find something that will intrigue you and keep it forever in your memory! 

For more advice for your Italian adventures, please check out my blog page and discover more.  


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