Top Vineyards in Sicily

Vineyards in Sicily

Besides glorious art and delightful food, Italy is known for its divine selection of wine. Most Italian regions are abundant with majestic vineyards producing delightful wine types. That is why one of the most popular activities in Italy is wine tasting, and Sicily offers some of the greatest experiences. 

When visiting this amazing Italian region, visiting vineyards should be on your itinerary. The vineyards in Sicily are exceptional, and you should absolutely take advantage of the opportunity to visit at least one of them. Even if you are not a big fan of wine, you will love exploring these places and enjoying their magical surroundings. 

Considering there are many of them, you might get overwhelmed when trying to pick the ones you want to visit. Therefore, I have created a list of the best ones, so whatever you choose will not be a mistake. When creating the list, I had different tastes in mind, so you will surely find the one that goes along with your preferences!

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When Is The Best Time to Visit Vineyards in Sicily, Italy?

If you decide to go on an adventure of wine tasting in Sicily, you will surely want to know the best time for it. Even though these places are magical all year round, I suggest visiting them around the grape harvest season. This is when the vineyards are rich with produce, and the wineries prepare for the winemaking process. Planning your visit around this time will give you the chance to see part of the process and witness how the drink of the Gods is actually made.

The grape harvest season begins in early September and lasts throughout the month of October. Italians refer to this time as La Vendemmia, which is the region’s most spectacular period. 

If you are a wine fan and want an exceptional experience, you should absolutely visit Sicily at the end of September or the beginning of October. It is the best time to enjoy fine wine and savour the spectacular surroundings. Plus, the weather is amazing, so you are in for a real treat!

Vineyards in Sicily | Wine tasting Sicily | Wineries in Sicily
Taormina | Sicily


Let’s explore some of the best ones and find the right vineyard for you!

Barone di Villagrande Winery and Wine Resort 

For the best wine tasting in Taormina, you should consider Barone di Villagrande Winery and Wine Resort. It is the oldest vineyard in the Mount Etna area, dating back to the 18th century. Visiting the winery will give you the chance to explore some of the most specific and authentic wine flavours. 

Moreover, Barone di Villagrande is a restaurant, meaning you can pair your wine with delightful food. Experts usually recommend pairing food with wine tones so you can really enjoy all the flavours. Luckily, Barone di Villagrande gives you the opportunity to try this fusion of flavours and tones at once. 

Another great thing about Barone di Villagrande is that it is also a resort. So, you can even plan a stay overnight and get the ultimate experience of the vineyards and the winery. You can spend your night drinking different kinds of wine and not worry about driving to your hotel. Plus, you can stay in a luxurious setting surrounded by forests and enjoy the views of the Bay of Taormina and Mount Etna. 

If you want the whole package when it comes to wine tasting in Taormina, do not look elsewhere. You have just found the right place!

Vineyards in Sicily | Wineries in Sicily

Feudo Montoni 

Feudo Montoni is known as one of the most gorgeous vineyards in Sicily. It uses organic winemaking methods to preserve the region’s biodiversity. The family-run winery has been dedicated to producing only the best from Sicily for years. It is located on the hills of Mount Etna, so exceptional views and landscapes are guaranteed. 

When you decide to visit Feudo Montoni, you sign up for the ultimate experience. You will not only participate in wine tasting but also learn about the journey of grapes becoming the final product you enjoy. The winery offers guided tours, meaning you can get the whole package: wine tasting and knowledge.

Feudo Montoni is an excellent place for people who cherish organic methods and environmentally friendly practices. The winery has received many awards and accolades for its unique way of working and love for the Sicilian region. If you want to witness the greatness of wine tasting in Sicily, this place should be on your itinerary

Marco De Bartoli 

Marco De Bartoli is one of the greatest vineyards in Sicily, and it is famous for its traditional ways of winemaking. The name of the winery comes from its first owner – a man who dedicated his whole life to producing unique wine flavours and tones. He was later succeeded by his three children, so the winery has become a family business known for its classic methods of work and delightful wine kinds. 

Marco De Bartoli has wine cellars in two locations – Pantelleria and Marsala. If you are up for the sweet wine tones, then you should absolutely visit the winery in Pantelleria. On the other hand, if you want to taste a diverse selection of white wine, then Marsala is the place for you. 

What makes Marco De Bartoli stand out from the other vineyards in Sicily, Italy, is the traditional winemaking techniques that result in unique types of wine you cannot find elsewhere in the world. The creative blends of native grape types have given exceptional wine that people fall in love with whenever they visit the winery. 

The winery offers guided tours, meaning you can learn a lot about these traditional winemaking methods and acknowledge the authentic ways in which they produce wine. Moreover, Marco De Bartoli is located in a scenic location, so you will have the ultimate Sicilian experience whether you visit Marsala or Pantelleria.

Donnafugata Winery 

Donnafugata Winery is another prestigious winery in the Sicilian region. Namely, it is a place that has played a great role in establishing this Italian region as one of the greatest wine-tasting hubs in the country. Donnafugata is present in many areas of Italy, but the one located on Mount Etna might be one of the most fascinating ones. The winery has established its glory due to its fashionable methods of working. 

Moreover, Donnafugata Winery is known as one of the most elegant and luxurious vineyards in Sicily and the country. Due to its sophisticated features, the winery has collaborated with the world-known brand Dolce & Gabbana and created a fine rose wine that represents elegance in the world of fashion.

The interesting thing about Donnafugata Winery is that it uses different methods and varieties of wine in different regions of Italy. Even though the winery is present in multiple locations, it has distinct wine types due to the different conditions Sicily offers. If you visit several of them, you will be able to see how that part of the region influences the development of vineyards and the production of wine.

In other words, besides enjoying the scenery and the fine wine, you will get knowledge and education from experts. Genuine wine lovers will have a blast at Donnafugata Winery because it offers the ultimate wine-tasting experience in Sicily.


If you are striving for an authentic wine-tasting experience, Solidea is a vineyard that can provide you with exactly that. This is a winery operated by a husband and wife who have dedicated their lives to producing exceptional and worldly wine flavours. The combination of grapes in their wines is unique and nothing like other types of wine you have tried in the past. 

When you visit Solidea, you get the opportunity to try their most famous wine, which is made of sun-drying Zibibbo grapes. This winemaking method is known for resulting in products characterised by vibrant aromas of nuts, raisins, and orange marmalade. The sun-drying of grapes allows the concentration of sugars, so the wine turns out with perfectly balanced tones and unique flavours. However, the winery also offers something for those who are not fans of sweet wine tones. Solidea’s famous Ilios Bianco blends floral and tropical aromas that are ideal for white wine fans. 

Besides the great wine, the winery also offers fascinating surroundings of the island of Pantelleria with views of the Tunisian coast. The place is known for the best swimming spots and the astonishing colours of the Mediterranean. If you decide to visit Solidea, you will not only get fine wine but also the ultimate experience of the Italian treasures!

Planeta Winery

Planeta Winery is one of the examples of wineries in Sicily that are dedicated to environmentally friendly practices. In the winemaking process, the winery combines modern and traditional methods, keeping the preservation of the region in mind. Planeta Winery stays true to its traditional practices while including sustainable techniques throughout the process. 

When you visit the vineyards, you get the opportunity to explore the Sicilian landscape in a unique manner. In other words, you get more than just a winetasting experience. It is your chance to learn about wine flavours and exceptional wine styles you cannot find in other regions of Italy. 

A trip to Planeta Winery is a journey through the soul of winemaking practices. Plus, the surroundings are spectacular, so each moment there will feel like a moment in another world. If you want a genuine experience of winetasting, visiting Planeta Winery is a must!

Trenute di Fessina Winery 

Last but not least on my list of vineyards in Sicily, Italy, is Trenute di Fessina Winery. Its owner, Silvia Maestrelli, has dedicated all her work to creating a place characterised by beauty and sophistication that visitors will enjoy to the fullest. The surroundings of the winery contribute to the excellence of the wine produced there. 

Trenute di Fessina Winery is located in the small town of Rovittello, which is amazing and ideal for exploring. You can take advantage of your stay and get to know the surroundings. The winery offers rooms for overnight stays, so you can plan a real vineyard adventure along with other majestic features of the area. 

All the services provided at the winery are at a high level, meaning you will not lack anything. You will get a real royal treatment and enjoy each moment of your adventure. The winery is situated in an intimate area, so you can enjoy the tranquillity and peacefulness of the Mount Etna region.

Tips for Exploring Wineries in Sicily

Before you begin your winetasting adventure in Sicily, some tips can come in handy. 

  • For better navigation throughout the island of Sicily, rent a car and get the chance to explore most of the region. 
  • Pack light and opt for breathable clothing since humidity in Sicily can reach high levels, especially if you travel during the high season. 
  • For the best wine-tasting experience, always pair your wine with traditional food offered in the wineries in Sicily. 

Wine tasting and exploring the vineyards in Sicily are among the most famous and thrilling activities people opt for. When you want a vacation with a difference, this is something you should absolutely try. Every moment you spend in the surroundings of Sicily will leave you with breathtaking mental images and unforgettable memories! 

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