Is Turin worth visiting

Is Turin Worth Visiting?

You know that Italy is one of Europe’s top tourist destinations, and the reasons are more than justified! It boasts beautiful cities and places, so it is often challenging to pick out a destination if you start planning your trip to Italy. You are probably aware that Rome, the Amalfi Coast and the islands are great places to visit. But how about visiting those not so crowded with tourists, for instance, Turin? If you have come across this city during your research, you have probably asked yourself, “Is Turin worth visiting?”.

Well, I have created this blog to answer this question and put your mind at ease. There are so many reasons why visiting Turin would be the right thing to do. I know that travel lovers sometimes need a little nudge when choosing a new location to explore. So, here is my complete guide that will lead you through the heart of Turin and get you packing immediately. Let’s see why this place is so special and why you should absolutely not miss out on it!

Porta Nuova Turin | Is Turin worth visiting

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7 Reasons Why Turin Should Be Your Next Travel Destination 

If you are debating whether Turin is worth a visit, you need to look at what this city offers. Doing a little bit of research will make you realise that visiting a lesser-traversed spot will be a unique experience for you and broaden your horizons. If you have a deep love for travelling, then an authentic experience is just what you need! Sometimes, it is a must to take a peek at places not so well-known among tourists and enjoy the beauty of a distinguished destination with different things to offer. 

Once you go through the list of things to do in Turin, you will acknowledge that this is a location worth visiting.

Galleria Subalpina | Turin | Is Turin worth visiting
Mole Antonelliana | Turin | Is Turin worth visiting

If you are in Turin, the Galleria Subalpina (left) and Mole Antonelliana (right) are worth seeing. The Mole Antonelliana houses the National Museum of Cinema. 

1. Explore Stunning Royal Palaces 

Europe is known for its rich culture and royal features that are kept from the past times. Italy has many spots holding the remains of the decades when royals ruled the country. One of those spots is Turin. The city is home to numerous royal palaces that will simply take your breath away. You can get to admire them both from the outside and inside and give your travelling experience a perspective on historical places. 

When thinking about whether is Turin worth visiting, the first feature that will answer this question is the existence of royal buildings in the heart of the city. Besides being majestic and glorious in their appearances, these palaces also tell romantic stories. They are the exact spots where romances happened in the past time. Plus, some of them do not require a fee to get inside, meaning you will able to save some money. 

Some places to visit in Turin are the Royal Palace (Palazzo Reale), Palazzo Madama, and the Palazzo Reale’s Gardens. The garden entrance is free, so it is a nice place for a morning or afternoon walk when you just want to surround yourself with the Italian charm. If you opt for visiting Turin, you cannot miss out on these spots. And if you are a fan of cultural events and authentic kinds of fun, then you should certainly check out Palazzo Madama. This spot usually hosts unique events that will make your stay in Turin more fascinating!

Turin | Is Turin worth visiting | Turin Royal Palace
Palazzo Madama | Turin | Is Turin worth visiting

The Royal Palace (Palazzo Reale) (left) and Palazzo Madama (right) are in the centre of Turin. You cant miss them. 

2. Enjoy Baroque Architecture 

Another reason why is Turin worth a visit is its baroque architecture. Believe me, you have never seen anything so special and awe-inspiring anywhere else in the world! The city keeps the exact authenticity of the Baroque times, so once you get there, you will feel like you have travelled to another time, not another country. 

Everywhere you turn, you will see buildings with one-of-a-kind features and astonishing courtyards that will steal your heart. These Baroque remains are something you have to see in your lifetime, and I am not exaggerating when I talk about this authentic beauty! Italy has many cities with Baroque features, but Turin definitely holds something special. 

You will see many stunning antique shops and bookstores, as well as Baroque churches whose grandiosity is breathtaking. Plus, these majestic buildings come with astounding porticoes, making your city exploration possible even in rain and extreme heat.

Archways in Turin | Is Turin worth visiting
Turin | The Devil Door

Turin boasts an exquisite display of Baroque architecture.

3. Take a Peek at Stunning Landmarks 

You may not be a fan of doing touristy stuff, like visiting landmarks, but the ones in Turin are something else! When you wonder whether Turin is worth visiting, its incredible spots of major significance will answer you. Namely, there are many places to visit in Turin, including museums, parks, and symbols that tell a unique story, and you will surely want to see them.

Even if you are not a fan of museums, you will love what the city has to offer, especially for those travellers with peculiar tastes. For instance, history buffs wondering what to do in Turin will enjoy visiting the Egyptian Museum – home to an abundance of artefacts from Ancient Egypt. On the other hand, if you want something more distinguished, then you will love the Cinema Museum, which comes with a Panoramic Terrace that will give you some miraculous views of the city. 

For those who love coffee, Turin has something special to offer. The Lavazza Museum is a special place the city is really proud of. It is a spot where you can explore the coffee culture and learn everything about the Italian coffee rituals we all know and love. Several areas depict different aspects of the coffee culture and come with images, sounds, and astonishing aromas. When looking for authentic things to do in Turin, this is the place you must pay a visit to!

Lavazza Museum | Turin

Explore the rich history and art of coffee at the Lavazza Museum in Turin, a fascinating destination for coffee enthusiasts and culture aficionados alike.

Moreover, the city has another interesting thing you cannot see everywhere. The National Car Museum is an extraordinary place where you can admire the oldest and most prestigious car collections. Even if you are not a fan of cars and motors, this will certainly pique your interest. There are over 200 vehicles displayed in the museum, and you will get the chance to explore more than 80 brands of cars. You will be surprised how many types of vehicles are there, and you will definitely see models you have never seen before. The museum is one of the major reasons why Turin is worth visiting.

If you want to discover more museums in Italy, check out our blog post on Museums in Italy.

FIAT Antique Car | Turin Auto Museum
Ferrari F1 Car | Turin Auto Museum

The auto museum in Turin showcases a stunning array of vintage and contemporary vehicles, including the iconic Fiat 500, which was first introduced in 1957 and quickly became a symbol of Italian automotive design.

4. Enjoy The Delightful Local Food and Wine 

You already know that Italian cuisine is one of the most popular ones in the world. Also, you probably know the main dishes that are now well-known everywhere you go. However, what you might not have a clue of is the fact that each Italian city comes with its own local dishes and cuisine secrets you have never heard of. 

Turin is one of the cities in Italy with the most delicious food you can ever come across. Namely, it is known as a genuine gastronomic Italian place, meaning people have distinguished rituals when it comes to eating habits. Turin is characterised by a slow-paced life, so the locals are really serious when it comes to their traditional dishes. 

If you’re visiting Turin, do not miss out on trying the famous agnolotti, tonnato and bonet. You may have never heard of these delicacies, but they are all over restaurants in the city. So, whenever you come across these dish names on the menu, make sure you give them a try. You will not regret your choice!

And let’s not forget about Italian wine! Another point on your list of things to do in Turin should be wine tasting – or simply just enjoying fine Italian wine in a bar or a restaurant. Piedmont is a region best known for its wines, so ensure you do not miss out on trying Barbera, Nebbiolo, or Dolcetto. On the other hand, if you are a greater fan of white wine, then you need to opt for Arneis. Whatever you choose, you will not regret it. The only mistake would be skipping the wine selection in Turin since it is one of the best Italy can offer!

Are you visiting other areas of Italy and wanting to know more about food? Visit our blog post covering what to eat in Italy.

Vitello Tonnato | Turin
Steak | What to eat in Italy | Turin

Some images of food you can find at restaurants in Turin. The picture on the left is Tonnato a vitello

5. Surprise Your Palate with The Best Chocolate in The World 

As I previously mentioned, Turin locals are very serious about their food. And the same goes for chocolate. If you have a sweet tooth, then you just got the answer to the question, “Is Turin worth visiting?”. The city has the best chocolate to offer, and once you try it, other options will be out of the question! Many cities in Italy make their own sweet delights, but Turin’s chocolate is unique! 

If you want to try the classic type, then look for “​​gianduiotto” or “gianduja”, which is a combination of hazelnuts and dark chocolate. Dark chocolate isn’t everyone’s favourite, but the hazelnuts make all the difference. Sometimes, the additions are what make the thing special, and when it comes to Turin’s chocolate, the hazelnuts are the secret ingredient! 

Since we are talking about chocolate, I should not forget that every October, the city hosts a miraculous chocolate festival where you can try delightful types of chocolate. It is a major event that locals enjoy, but people are coming from every part of Italy as well. Those who love chocolate will never want to leave the festival. But they will also be unable to decide which type to buy! 

However, if you are not visiting Turin in October, you needn’t worry since there are many historical chocolate shops you will like. These authentic stores sell different kinds of chocolate that are usually displayed at the festival, so this can be your great alternative.

Hot Chocolate | Cream | Turin

A picture of a hot chocolate served in Turin with a side a cream. if you like chocolate, this is a must.

6. Give The Unique Torinese Aperitivo a Try

When thinking “is Turin worth a visit?”, consider the traditional Italian leisure activity – aperitivo. Namely, this is an activity that Italians adore because it is their time to relax and forget about their worries. It is so civilised and entirely different to the ‘happy hour’ you might have back home. Italians have a penchant for digestion, and aperitivo was invented because of this. In other words, it was designed to open up the stomach so you can enjoy salty snacks and bitter beverages.

If you’re travelling to Turin, then this is an activity you cannot miss. Before you go out for a Torinese dinner, enjoy your aperitivo moment by ordering a glass of fortified Italian wine and tramezzino, a delicious traditional sandwich. Then, just sit back and relax, and you can see why Italians are so happy all the time. This is the thing that makes them let their hair down and enjoy the little moments in life. Once you are finished, you can enjoy a delicious dinner! 

You should know that there is also a non-alcoholic option when it comes to enjoying an aperitivo. So, do not worry if you do not like alcohol! There is always an alternative when it comes to this magnificent thing to do in Turin!

7. Enjoy Unforgettable Moments without The Tourist Crowds 

I am not saying Turin is unpopular among tourists. You will certainly see some of them if you visit the city. However, don’t expect crowds like those you can see in Rome or Venice. One of the reasons why Turin is worth visiting is because it is a less-traversed city in Italy. Visiting the city will be your chance to feel like a local and enjoy the slow life Italians are popular for.

Plus, you will be more relaxed during your exploration of the place, and you will not have to deal with people taking pictures everywhere. Tourist crowds can really spoil your travel experience, but in this Italian gem, this should be the least of your worries

If you are striving for a different experience, you have just found your dream destination. There is no reason to wonder, “Is Turin worth visiting?” because you just got your answer. It is a unique spot that will offer you the chance to create unforgettable memories! Not only does it have everything you expect from Italy, but it also surprises with its own epic hidden gems.

So, do not wait anymore and plan your trip to Turin right away! 


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