Best Restaurants in Rome

Looking for the Best Restaurants in Rome?

When in Rome, do what the Romans do.

And what do they do? Well, apart from their very chivalrous and thrilling activities, Romans were big on food and wine, so a trip to Rome, Italy, is all about getting that experience.

If you’re visiting Rome, you’re probably hoping to eat well. But a lot of restaurants can be tourist traps, and some aren’t even worth it, so let’s discuss the best restaurants in Rome, Italy.

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Pro Loco Pinciano

A stylish farmhouse-style spot that specializes in pizza but has an extensive menu, Pro Loco Pinciano has been revered by foodies for a long time now. 

This cozy little spot is in Via Bergamo, a small region in Lombardo, Rome, and fits perfectly with the quaint neighborhood. 

What Makes it Special?

Most of this eatery’s pizza and other menu items are flavored with ingredients that are specific to the Lazio region. So, if you’re someone who’s really into gastronomy, this place will do the honors.

Is It Worth the Wait?

This little spot can get extremely busy during peak hours, so it’s best to get a reservation. Once you’re seated, it’s impossible to resist the food; Pro Loco Pinciano might just be the best restaurant in Rome, Italy.

Most Recommended Dish?

Naturally, most folks would go for the thin-crust pizza, which is its star dish. But we also recommend going for the charcuterie board; it is cheap, fancy, and extremely delicious.

Osteria da Fortunata

Osteria da Fortunata started in a small town outside Rome in the 1920s. It became a Roman institution when it opened its first restaurant in the city in the Campo dei Fiori district. They are known for their classic Roman-style cooking, all made from locally sourced organic ingredients. 

What Makes it Special?

When you visit Osteria do Fortunata, you will be greeted by artisanal pasta makers who prepare all the pasta by hand in the front window. This is a sight to behold, but the pasta you will find here is among the best in Italy.

Is It Worth the Wait?

In a word, absolutely! You cannot book, and there is usually a wait. Due to this restaurant’s success, there are now several around Rome (and other cities in Italy), so you can try and find one with the shortest line. 

Most Recommended Dish?

It’s tough to say, as everything here is excellent. However, I recommend the meatballs for a starter and the carbonara for a main or cacio e pepe for a vegetarian option. 

Pasta Carbonara | What to eat in Italy | Italy Travel | osteria della fortunata
Osteria da Fortunata | Best Restaurants in Rome

Checchino Dal 1887

One of the oldest eateries in Rome, Checchino Dal 1887 is a high-end eatery that’s known for its unique and exploratory menu and highly positive customer feedback.

Situated in the Testaccio neighborhood, this eatery is easy to find once you start tracing the map. You can easily spot the restaurant because it’s built in a 19th-century building, so you’re getting a free tour, too!

What Makes it Special?

Most of the menu at Checchino Dal 1887 features offals, so animal internal organs like the stomach, liver, heart, and intestines are served here. This makes it one of the best restaurants in Rome, Italy, for folks who love offal-centric foods.

They’re irresistible, though, so step with caution. 

Is It Worth the Wait?

You may get a table, but it’s best to get a reservation. Of course, this steamy 19th century-esque spot is worth the wait.

Most Recommended Dish?

If you don’t go for the Roman-style oxtail stew (Rigatoni al Sugo di Coda), are you even dining right? You can also try the Bucatini alla Gricia pasta.

Checchino Dal 1887 | Best Restaurants in Rome

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Da Enzo Al 29

Most tourists who have been to Rome have also tried Da Enzo Al 29 because it’s one of the most popular eateries in the area. Da Enzo really blends in with the cobblestone street and offers a gorgeous setting in Trastevere.

What Makes it Special?

Diners can’t stop gushing about the food because it’s made fresh every day and comes with a heck of a flavorful kick. It’s also one of the few eateries that offers an immersive and exciting ambiance, so it’s a great spot.

Is It Worth the Wait?

If you’re not there on time,. You probably won’t get a table; that’s how popular Da Enzo is. Although once you’re at the table, it’s amazing.

Most Recommended Dish?

You can’t go wrong with the pasta. Many pasta-eaters have claimed Da Enzo’s version is chewier, tastier, and exactly like your nonnas.

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Are you a history buff? If yes, you might want to take a look at Pancrazio, one of the most popular eateries in Italy. Pancrazio is the easiest to find because it’s located in Piazza del Biscione, right by the Colosseum.

What Makes it Special?

Wondering why it’s a hit for historians? The restaurant is built on the ruins of the Pompeii theater, the same spot where Julius Caesar was stabbed. 

This alone makes it among the coolest restaurants in Rome; how could you not find the vibe exciting?

Is It Worth the Wait?

Naturally, its historically significant location makes it a highly busy spot, so it’s best if you make a reservation. The food is extremely good, so don’t worry about wasting the experience.

Most Recommended Dish?

A simple bread salad with anchovy sauce and a topping of pecorino cheese has been making the rounds; perhaps you should give this one a try!

Pizzeria da Baffetto

You know, one of those places where you can get an Italian wood-fired pizza, and a single bite makes you realize why Italian pizza is so revered? Pizzeria da Baffetto is the place that’ll make you feel the magic. And it’s located along a line of eclectic shops at Via del Governo Vecchio, right by Piazza Navona.

What Makes it Special?

This is among the few places in Italy where you’ll get a classy, authentic pizza that melts in your mouth and yet retains its crispiness. It’s too yummy to put into words.

And maybe it’s not as adventurous as the murder-stabbing spot, but its old-school style is what makes it one of the coolest restaurants in Rome.

Is It Worth the Wait?

Yes, it’s worth every minute, except it’s best to get right as it opens because you won’t be able to get a seat otherwise.

Most Recommended Dish?

The best-selling pizza is the Margherita and squash blossom pizza. They’re both unique and decadent in their own way.

Best Restaurants in Rome | Baffetto

Pulejo Ristorante

Although a little pricey, Pulejo Ristorante is perfect for folks looking to enjoy a fine dining experience that is rooted in authenticity and decadence. The eatery is located in the Vatican Lodge, so it’s extremely easy to locate, but you’ll have a hard time leaving.

What Makes it Special?

While most Italian restaurants cater toward a general experience, Pulejo Ristorante offers a more inclusive (everyone is welcome to join, but such an experience is limited to the eatery) experience that focuses on fine dining and Michelin-star level cuisine. 

Is It Worth the Wait?

You do need a reservation to eat here because despite being a bit on the pricier end, Pulejo Ristorante is extremely popular. That also speaks for why it’s considered one of the best restaurants in Rome, because it’s always up to mark and delivers food no one can resist.

Most Recommended Dish?

Don’t hesitate to try the tasting menu (with the delicious wine, of course). The combinations are considered some of the best in the area and are loved by diners.

What do you think of our list of best restaurants in Rome? 

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