11 Things to Do in Milan

Milan is one of those cities that have everything – magnificent architecture, astonishing hotels, marvellous sights, delightful food, and exceptional shops. However, if you have decided to visit this fantastic place, you need to make a plan for the spots you want to see. In other words, picking out things to do in Milan beforehand will make your travel smoother and less stressful.

Therefore, I have created a list of the best sights in Milan to spare you hours of research. Below you will find all the attractions you should not miss when visiting this iconic Italian city.

Things to do in Milan

There are a million attractions and activities you can see and do when you travel to this Italian gem. Nonetheless, you do not have all the time in the world since your trip will probably take about a week. So, a schedule of things to do in Milan will allow you to plan your time wisely and avoid running around the city without a chance to enjoy it. Here are the best activities that can make your journey unforgettable.


Duomo is not just a church or a cathedral you can see anywhere around Europe. On the contrary, it is a Gothic masterpiece known as the most popular Milan attraction. It features numerous intricate details that will leave you breathless, so not visiting it would be a mistake. What is more, you do not only get to see the astonishing beauty of the inside. Namely, if you get to the top of the cathedral, you will have the opportunity to relish Milan’s magnificent skyline.

Milan | Duomo di Milano | Italy Travel Photos
Novecento Museum | Milan | Italy Travel

Last Supper Mural

I am not recommending seeing a replica of da Vinci’s most famous painting but rather a true work of art. Milan prides itself on a magnificent mural of the masterpiece Last Supper located in a church. The impressiveness of the mural will take you to another world. You cannot miss out on something so transcendent.

Last Supper of Leonardo da Vinci (Cenacolo Vinciano) | Milan | Things to do in Milan | Italy Travel

Parco Sempione/ Arco della Pace

Parco Sempione is one of the most significant places to visit in Milan. It is the largest park in the city’s historical centre at over 38.6 hectares. Parco Sempione is where you will find locals walking their dogs or jogging. It has several ponds, canteens and even a small library in the centre. Directly behind the park is the Arch of Peace because it was built to commemorate Napoleon’s victories. Besides its historical allure, Arco della Pace is famous for its striking architectural design. Standing in front of it is just magnificent – you will not be able to take your eyes off it. 

Arco Delle Pace | Things to do in Milan | Italy Travel
Parco Sempione | Things to do in Milan | Italy Travel


If you are up for something sophisticated, you need to put the Brera neighbourhood on your list of things to do in Milan. It is one of the most elegant parts of the city, rich with marvellous art galleries, charming restaurants, and fancy boutique shops. Moreover, it is an area where you can enjoy a glamorous night out and feel the spirit of Milan in a true sense.

Pinacoteca Brera | Napoleon as Mars the Peacemaker

This giant statue of Napoleon as Mars the Peacemaker is on display inside the Pinacoteca in the Brera district of Milan


Another neighbourhood, but this one with a different atmosphere. Namely, this part of the city features the remaining canals that once circled the whole city. This is the place to go when you just want to relax with some tasty food, good drinks, and nice music. The surroundings are quite charming, so you are really going to enjoy yourself.

Navigli | Milan | Italy

Garibaldi / Gae Aulenti  

The renovation of the Garibaldi, Isola, and Varesine neighbourhoods has led to the creation of the Piazza Gae Aulenti and the surrounding buildings, quickly becoming a highly attractive Milan tourist attraction. The area depicts a blend of the city’s historic centre and the financial district. Here, you can also admire the tallest building in Europe – Unicredit Tower. In short, it is the modern area of Milan that needs to be experienced.

Via della Spiga

Shopping enthusiasts, this one is for you! It’s a place where true shopper’s dreams come true. Via della Spiga is one of the most vibrant streets in Milan, abundant with amazing luxury shops. If you want to save some money, then it would be wise to opt for just window shopping. However, whatever you choose, you will love wandering down the street and admiring the sophisticated surroundings around you.

Porta Venezia

Porta Venezia is another Milan must-see location covered in historical landmarks and buildings. Nonetheless, it is also an area where you can do some affordable shopping. If luxurious stores are not your thing, the amazing stores around Porta Venezia will do the trick. The numerous shops offer many options for those who really want to commemorate their visit to this gorgeous place with a souvenir or something similar. Therefore, considering shopping in your list of things to do in Milan would be a great idea.

Day Trip to Lake Como

Travellers who enjoy the natural beauty and want to get out of the city for a day cannot miss out on a trip to Lake Como. Visiting the lake means enjoying the spectacular views and lavish greenery you cannot see elsewhere in the world. Plus, you can do some thrilling activities there, such as a boat cruise, a stroll along the charming streets of Como Town, or just relaxing by the side of the lake.

Torno | Lake Como | Italy Travel

Walking Tour

A walking tour around the city will offer you the best chance to see all the places to visit in Milan. It may involve hours of walking, but it is the most convenient method to visit as many places as possible. Plus, these tours include a guide, so while you admire the landmarks, you will also learn about them. Therefore, if you are about to book a short trip and want to make the most of it, opt for a walking tour. You can find many options online on websites such as GetYourGuide.

Sforzesco Castle

Castello Sforzesco is known as one of the largest fortresses in Europe, dating from the 15th century, making it an unmissable Milan attraction. Exploring the castle will allow you to see various museums, gorgeous houses, and numerous works of art. However, only a stroll in the magnificent gardens will satisfy your sight. You can truly relax and take a breath after wandering the busy streets of Milan.

I hope this list has helped you decide what to do in Milan and make your trip memorable. As you can see, a true adventure waits for you, so you should just book the trip. Do not miss out on a chance to get a new perspective on life by experiencing the real gem of Europe!

Sforzesco Castle | Castello Sforzesco

Our list of 11 Things to do in Milan

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