Traveling Italy on a Budget

How to travel Italy on a budget

If you have always wanted to visit the most romantic European country, but never had enough money for it, today, I come to you with a solution! It is true that the cost of traveling Italy leans on the more expensive side, but there are ways to see this glorious country without breaking the bank. In other words, you can enjoy traveling Italy on a budget and have the time of your life!

This country is built on architecture and culture, meaning you can find it anywhere. Therefore, you do not need to stick to the most popular touristic spots to have a taste of Italian beauty. Plus, you will get a unique experience while saving some money. 

So, let’s explore your options when you want to travel to italy on a budget. Do not worry; there are many of them, and you will love them! 

Avoid Traveling During High Season

Italy is miraculous throughout the whole year, meaning whenever you visit it, you will have a wonderful time. When planning a budget holiday, you can absolutely consider this country but not during the high season. And the reason for it is pretty obvious. Most people like to travel during summer, so it is expected that the prices will skyrocket. 

However, if you want to travel Italy on a budget, you should look forward to planning your trip in May or September. This is the ideal time for traveling because the weather is amazing, and the prices are reasonable. Plus, you will not have to deal with crowds, meaning all the tourist places along with beaches will not be packed. Therefore, you will not only save money, but you are about to have a pleasant time on your European budget holiday.

Avoid The bigger Cities 

Italy offers stunning experiences even if you do not visit the capital or other famous cities, such as Venice or Milan. These places are quite pricey due to their fame, so they are expected to be expensive. However, Italy has so many amazing cities that offer astonishing sights, atmosphere and hospitality. 

So, instead of Rome, book your holiday in some of the Italian budget-friendly spots, such as Sicily, Sardinia, Puglia, and so on. These cities have beautiful beaches, rich cultures, and friendly locals. Moreover, each of them has distinguishing features you will not find elsewhere in the country. Why not take advantage of them and have a unique budget holiday?

Palermo | Travelling Italy on a Budget | Italy Travel
Mondello Beach | Italy Travel | Sicily | Places to visit in Palermo | Summer Holiday Destinations in Italy

Palermo in Sicily is a great place to visit if you are traveling Italy on a budget. There are historical sites from civilizations, including the Romans, Arabs, Normans, and Spanish. Also, the beach is only a 20-minute bus ride if you want to relax.

Find Restaurants Outside The City Centre & Tourist Spots

If you love traveling, you are probably aware of the high restaurant fees in the city centres. Italy is no different, so you should expect that the most buzzing spots will have the highest prices. But if you are traveling to Italy on a budget, you have to think of all the ways where you can cut your expenses. This includes eating out as well. 

If you think that you will sacrifice too much, think twice. First, Italy is the country with the most delicious food. Therefore, you will find trattorias in every corner. Most of the time, dining places in the city’s heart are overpriced and overestimated due to their location. Naturally, everyone wants dinner with a view! Second, small restaurants with amazing food are hidden gems of Italy, so trying to find them is both challenging and exciting. You will have fun tasting different kinds of dishes while not spending a fortune on them.  

Nonetheless, if you are traveling Italy on a budget but still want to eat with an impressive view in front of you, then you have another option. Many trattorias in the country offer special lunch or dinner deals. So, look for them when you decide to have a bite in the busy streets in the city centre.

Antipasto | Travelling Italy on a budget | Italy Travel
Carbonara | Italy Travel | Pasta

If you’re willing to take a short trip to some residential areas, you could eat delicious home-style food for half of what you would pay in the centre. Often, the quality is even better in these places.

Traveling Italy on a budget is easier in  Southern Italy 

Some of the best low cost destinations in Italy are situated in the south of the country. You do not have to spend a small fortune visiting the north to experience Italian magic. Instead, go south and take advantage of the beauty it offers. 

Alberobello, Sorrento, Naples, and the Syracuse are some of the country’s most beautiful spots, each authentic and special in its own way. Furthermore, they are all characterised by unique features you cannot see anywhere else in the world. Your European budget holiday can be a dream if you decide to spend some time in these idyllic places. 

Alberobello | Iconic Trulli Houses | Italy Travel Photos | Summer Holiday Destinations in Italy
Syracuse Lugomare | Italy Travel | Sicily

Several towns in southern Italy offer Unesco-listed historical sights, great food, and fantastic weather for most of the year, and they cost a fraction of what you would pay compared to some of the more commercial destinations.

Shop in Supermarkets 

Some of the biggest mistakes travellers make in Italy is to shop in the small local stores. You may find a lot of them as you pass the streets during your travels. So, you will easily get tempted to go in and buy the things you need. Of course, small shops are convenient because they are close to you and you get the necessary items in no time. 

Nonetheless, this is also a way to spend more money, although it might not seem that way. You may believe that only a few things will not hurt your pocket, but you will see different results if you do the math. So, when you intend to visit Italy on a budget, opt for supermarkets rather than local stores. 

Use Public Transport to Get Around 

Moving around in the city is one of the most difficult things travellers have to figure out during their stay. You always want the most convenient method, but that is not always the cheapest one. If you want a budget holiday, you will have to give up some luxuries, such as renting a car. 

Instead, use public transport, which will take you to all your desired places for very low fees. However, if you still do not want to travel with a lot of people around you, especially during busy hours, consider renting a bike. Most cities have a bike share such as Lime.  This way, you can move around easily and quickly, and you can enjoy some exercise while doing so. Finally, taxis and Uber are completely out of the question!


Take the train to move between cities and regions 

The rail network in Italy is very well connected, the trains are among the fastest in Europe, and the cost of train tickets is much cheaper than flying or renting a car. If you book far in advance, you can save even more money. We have written a blog post with tips for traveling Italy by train. You can find it here.

Stay in the Suburbs 

Bigger Italian cities often offer the most expensive accommodation. But, if you look for hotels or apartments in the suburbs, you will notice that the prices are significantly lower and most of the large cities have adequate public transport to go in and out of the centre. When traveling Italy on a budget, it is best to choose accommodation on the city’s outskirts.

Additionally, make sure that you figure out your transportation means to get to the city before booking your stay. If you do not have adequate transport, it might not be convenient to stay in the suburbs. 

Traveling Italy on a budget is possible

As you can see, its absolutely possible to travel Italy on a budget. Plus, you do not have to give up a lot of things to save money. You can still have a magical trip even if you cut out some expenses. So, do not miss out on a chance to see this beautiful country! 

Don’t wait up! Book your trip now and enjoy the beauty Italian cities offer!


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