Beaches in Italy

Beaches in Italy – Our Ulitmate Guide by Region 

The first things that come to mind when you think about Italy are its fascinating history, gorgeous landscapes, and delectable cuisine. However, you cant forget the beaches in Italy, which will surely surprise you! You’ve finished sightseeing, but where should you go to the beach?

Italy has a well-deserved reputation as one of the top holiday spots thanks to its gorgeous beaches and coasts. But as more tourists travel to Italy, it can be challenging to locate a peaceful haven. You can use this guide to find your way around the beaches in Italy!

Best Beaches in Veneto 



Sottomarina Beach | Veneto

From the San Felice Dam in the north to the Brenta Dam in the south, Sottomarina Beach provides peacefulness. Recognized as one of the best beaches in Italy, it boasts impressive settings and a ton of activities. We also can’t forget about our devoted canine companions, for whom there are designated areas.


Refreshment spots, water playgrounds, and amusement parks abound along the coast of this beach in Italy. From early in the morning until late at night, there is a robust schedule of sporting and recreational events to keep guests entertained. Lastly, every sunbathing area has its own restaurant alone in Chioggia.



Although Caorle has much to offer, the Italian beaches are the highlight. The two beaches, Spiaggia di Levante in the east and Spiaggia di Ponte in the west have both been “blue flag”-rated. They include limitless stretches of fine, white sand and wonderful, warm water for which the Mediterranean and beaches in Italy are famous.


You can always find a location at either beach because they are both nearby and feature both free and paid areas. Hotels will provide you access to a lovely stretch of sand as well as an isolated changing space, reserved decks, and heaps of lounging areas.



The last of the beaches in Italy on Lido is Alberoni. There are many beaches in Venice Lido, but this one is a fantastic option. Not the most stunning, but undoubtedly a lovely beach that is also free.


Trying to swim a little more than merely putting your toes into the water on this beach in August can be challenging. Specifically, many boats and jet skis approach the shore extremely closely. The beautiful beach in Italy is located in a nature reserve and truly seems to be in another world from the activity of Venice. If you have the energy, renting a bike and touring the island is a fantastic option.


The nearby Circolo Golf Venezia course is wonderful for anyone who would like to play a round of golf while in Venice, Italy. Additionally, it’s a great site to watch some of the best sunsets in all of Italy. You can board a ferry that departs from Venice and travels to Alberoni in forty minutes.



Bibione | Veneto | Beaches in Italy

This place is a true heaven for people who adore the sun, the sea, adventurous vacations, relaxation, and fun. There are many beaches in Italy for individuals who enjoy multiple vacations simultaneously. The 5 miles long and over 330 yards wide Bibione beach offers plenty of space to suit all lifestyles.

You can plunge into the clear sea or into a good novel, take an afternoon stroll along the shoreline, or play various sports every single day. Keep an eye on your kids while they engage in enjoyable activities, or form new friendships by participating in Latin dancing or fitness sessions. Every form of entertainment is free on this Italian beach


Rosolina Beach

South of Chioggia and around 37 miles from Venice, Rosolina is easily accessible by bus from the Venice Marco Polo Airport. This beach has a length of more than 5 miles and is clean and excellent.

The beach is rarely congested due to its size, except for the weekends in July and August. This beach is more than 110 yards wide and very long. The orderly rows of umbrellas will need to be endured, but given the vastness of the beach, it is tolerable. Many activities are available, and most hotels have tennis surfaces and pools.

Venice in Italy is a beautiful city, but sometimes you only want to spend the day relaxing on the beach, enjoying the smooth sand, moderate waves, and beachside cocktails. When visiting Venice, if the need to visit the beaches in Italy strikes, you are in for a treat!

While there are no beaches in the heart of Venice due to the canals, there are several beautiful beaches nearby that are great for a day of leisure. Even though each Italian beach here is unique and opens up onto the Lagoon or the wide Adriatic Sea, they all share one feature – impressive beauty.

Best Beaches in Sicily


Sicily is one of the most intriguing places to visit in Italy. Therefore, having your vacation there would be an absolute blast. This gorgeous Italian region comes with a lot of options, especially when it comes to beaches. This makes choosing which one to visit a somewhat overwhelming task. So, having a selection of the best beaches in Sicily can be handy. 

We are here to make your vacation planning easier by presenting you with a list of places you will enjoy. Below, you will find some of the most heavenly Sicilian beaches to make your holiday pleasurable. If you want to rest and recharge your batteries, these spots will be a blessing! 

Cala Azzurra, Favignana Island

It is not a surprise that I have put this one at the top of this list. Calla Azzurra is definitely one of the best beaches in Sicily, and visiting it is simply a must. There are so many paradise-like features you simply cannot miss. First of all, the crystal-clear turquoise water will leave you breathless. Second, the scenery around this place is stunning. This is a spot where you can truly enjoy your vacation and, of course, take some impressive photos. 
However, keep in mind that Calla Azzurra is situated on Favignana island, in the region of Sicily. This makes it accessible only by boat. Luckily, there are boat cruises that will get you to one of the nicest beaches in Sicily in only thirty minutes. Plus, they include adventurous activities, such as snorkeling, allowing you to enjoy the underwater world.

Scala dei Turchi, Realmonte

This is one of the most impressive Sicily beaches, considering it is made of magnificent natural rock formations. These formations create the most spectacular views everyone wants to see at least once in their lifetime. The English name of this spot is Stairs of the Turks, and it refers to the frequent pirate raids that happened in the past. 


Today, the glorious white cliffs stand as one of the most incredible places in Italy. Besides enjoying the seashore, you can also admire the awe-inspiring landscapes from the top of the cliffs. You should definitely include this place in your itinerary as it is a true gem among the sandy beaches in Sicily.


Torre Salsa, between Sciacca and Agrigento

If you want to experience something completely different, Torre Salsa is one of the Sicily, Italy beaches you must visit. This spot is unique because of the absence of lounge chairs, beach bars, and food courts. When you want to feel the magic of Sicilian nature, then visiting an intact site is your best chance. In this case, you have the longest beach with its splendid surroundings at your disposal. 


Torre Salsa is one of the best beaches in Sicily- minus the tourist crowds. Since this spot has no facilities, many people are discouraged from visiting it. It is located in a well-known area, but the unpaved track is what keeps huge tourist crowds away. However, this sandy heaven is worth the effort. By spending a day at Torre Salsa, you can enjoy a breathtaking view and a gloriously long shore unspoiled by human activity. You will not regret it!


Spiaggia dei Conigli, Lampedusa Island

This is among Sicily’s best beaches and the biggest world’s treasures. Spiaggia dei Conigli is the most pristine beach in Italy, and it offers majestic scenery. It is protected as a nature reserve, so you will not see any boats there. If white-sand beach and turquoise waters have always been your idea of a perfect vacation, you have just found your dream spot. 

Since Spiaggia dei Conigli is protected, you will see a lot of diverse sea creatures. If you like snorkeling, expect to see many colorful fish. Moreover, do not be surprised if you spot loggerhead turtles, as this is their place for laying eggs. It is a rare occurrence when it comes to European beaches, so visiting Spiaggia dei Conigli is a must. 

Lungomare di Cefalù, Cefalù

Cefalu Beach Photo | Beaches in Italy | Beaches in Sicily
Cefalu Sun Set Photo

For those who want a nearby town beach and are okay with the crowd, here is an option for you! Lungomare di Cefalu is one of the Sicily beaches that provide an ideal setting for all-day sunbathing and swimming. You should expect the place to get crowded quickly, especially during the high season.

It is one of Sicily’s most gorgeous sandy beaches, with a fantastic surrounding town. The adorable buildings behind you will make you feel like you have been taken back in time. This will allow you to experience a dose of valuable Italian history. And, if you ever get enough of the beach, you can always explore the fascinating narrow streets and little local stores.

Mondello, Palermo

Mondello Beach | Italy Travel | Sicily | Places to visit in Palermo | Summer Holiday Destinations in Italy
If you want a sandy area suitable for everyone, then the town of Mondello has exactly what you want. The Mondello beach is a famous Sicily beach with all the amenities you might need on a hot day. In other words, there are deck chairs, umbrellas, and several bars from where you can get your favorite refreshments. Nonetheless, there is also a place where you can set your towel and enjoy the whole day in a more private setting. 
Mondello offers a unique coastal retreat that is also perfect for families. You will have access to showers and restaurants, allowing nothing to interrupt your relaxing day. And in case you want to get adventurous, besides swimming, you can rent a rowing boat.

Whatever beach you choose, you should know you will not be disappointed. The best beaches in Sicily will surely leave you speechless because all of them offer unparalleled beauty. However, make sure you make your plan in advance so you can enjoy each of your days in this Italian region to the fullest! You are about to experience something truly surreal!



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