Best places to visit in Tuscany

Our picks for the best places to visit in Tuscany


Tuscany is, without a doubt, one of the most scenic regions in Italy. It has been the ultimate dreamy destination for millions of travellers worldwide due to its many wondrous spots. So, it is unsurprising that many people put this Italian area on their travelling bucket list. However, since there is so much to see there, many tourists wonder which are the best places to visit in Tuscany.

If you are looking for some of the most beautiful spots in Tuscany, you have come to the right place! I have put together a list of places you should not miss! Below, you have some awesome suggestions that can make your journey to this beautiful region a real treat!

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Best Places To Visit In Tuscany

Visit Florence

Piazza della Signoria | Florence
Best places to visit in Tuscany | Florence

When it comes to the best places to visit in Tuscany, Florence will always be my top choice. In fact, this is an opinion that millions of people around the world share. Considering the treasures this city holds, it would be a pity not to experience its beauty at least once in a lifetime. 

Florence is Tuscany’s capital, a city of art, authenticity, and uniqueness. Wherever you turn, you will see gorgeous churches, splendid cathedrals, and fascinating works of art that date back to the Renaissance.

When looking for things to see in Tuscany, this place can offer the greatest experience. Starting from the wondrous Ponte Vecchio to the stunning Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, Florence will give you the dreamy Italian journey you have always desired.

Ponte Vecchio | Best places in Tuscany | Florence

The Ponte Vecchio in Florence dazzles under a clear sky, showcasing its unique array of shops built along the bridge. Known as one of the oldest bridges in Italy, this medieval stone arch bridge over the Arno River is not just a crossing point but a bustling marketplace, reflecting centuries of Florentine economic life.

Explore Pisa

Pisa | Tuscany | Arno River
Best places to visit in Tuscany | Pisa | Tuscany | Leaning Tower of Pisa

When making a list of the best places to visit in Tuscany, you should not forget to include Pisa. It is one of the most popular spots in Italy, and not only because of the impressive Leaning Tower. Namely, this glorious town has so much more to offer! Therefore, you should not miss the opportunity to see as much as possible. 

The scenic Pisa is famous for the many museums and lovely streets that will make your Tuscany trip a blast. The town also has numerous beaches, allowing you to spend some time absorbing the warm Mediterranean sun. Although Pisa tends to get crowded with tourists, it is a magical place that will leave a fantastic impression on you. Therefore, including it in your things to see in Tuscany is a must!

A Trip to the Chianti Region

When someone mentions Tuscany, you probably imagine vast vineyards with spectacular views. These vineyards are right in the heart of the Chianti region, one of the best places to go in Tuscany. You can have a glorious summer tasting some of the finest Italian wines produced in this stunning area. 

However, the plenty of wineries is not the only thing that makes this place special. The rolling hills and the splendid greenery make Chianti the most romantic place in Italy. In addition, the area is surrounded by charming towns you can visit and explore the majestic landscapes they offer. Chianti is surely one of the best places in Tuscany to feel the magic of Italian romance and uniqueness.

Viareggio Beach Getaway

Viareggio | Tuscany

Viareggio @ Twilight – Photo by Luca Enrico

If you need a perfect place for your summer holiday, then Tuscany has it for you. Viareggio is a gorgeous spot known for its sandy beaches and amazing sea landscapes. It is great for families, as well, because the place has a lot to offer. You will find plenty of restaurants, bars, and hotels, as well as children’s playgrounds around the area. This means there is something for everyone to enjoy. 

However, what makes Viareggio one of the best places to go in Tuscany is the popular annual carnival. Simply put, it is an incredibly colourful and very amusing experience for people of all ages. Moreover, it is accompanied by a month full of surprises, dances, and costumes. Visiting Viareggio during this time will allow you to experience something you have never seen before and make your holiday a real treat!

Discover Cortona

Cortona is one of Tuscany’s towns popular for its authentic features and breathtaking views. It is situated in the Arezzo Province, and it includes many Renaissance elements which travellers enjoy. The cobbled streets and medieval buildings are just a small part of things to do in Tuscany. There are many impressive piazzas and numerous churches you will love to take a peek at. Cortona’s beauty attracts thousands of tourists due to its breathtaking culture and architecture. It has also been a film location for one of the most popular movies about Tuscany. Many parts of the well-known Under The Tuscan Sun have been filmed there, which is why so many people feel intrigued to visit the place.

Escape to Volterra

When looking for the best places to visit in Tuscany, you should not miss out on Volterra. It is an old town with a majestic historical background and breathtaking views. You will definitely enjoy its cobbled streets and attractive stores that can be found all around the town. Moreover, I am sure you will love the splendid scenes that overlook the gorgeous farms and fields of Volterra. It is a place that tells a story, so when you want a destination with unique features, Volterra should be the first to consider. 

Wandering around the city will take you to many medieval buildings and remains of the Roman Empire. However, while the architecture of Volterra is really impressive, I should not forget to mention the wonderful works of art you can find there. The area is popular for spectacular carvings, so it is a perfect spot for buying unique souvenirs. Namely, it is one of the best places in Tuscany known for handmade details travellers love to have from their Italian adventures.

Time Travel to San Gimignano

Porta San Giovanni | San Gimignano | Places to visit in Tuscany
Piazza Della Cisterna | San Gimignano | Places to visit in Tuscany

San Gimignano is situated in the heart of Tuscany. This well-preserved, walled medieval town takes you back in time. It’s famous for its stunning architecture and is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

San Gimignano has 14 towers that were built during the 14th century. Visitors can still climb some of the towers and take in the stunning views of the Tuscan countryside.

Today, the town’s historic center is a maze of narrow cobbled streets with charming shops and artisanal boutiques selling everything from wine to leather goods. The local restaurants serve some of Tuscany’s specialties, such as Chianina beef and pasta with ragù di Cinghiale (wild boar). You can also enjoy a glass of Chianti wine or a Vernaccia if you like whites. San Gimignano is also home to the world-famous Gelateria Dondoli, a two-time world gelato champion.

San Gimignano is more than just a medieval town; it hosts diverse cultural events, including art shows and classical music concerts. With its rich history, architectural beauty, and cultural vibrancy, San Gimignano is a must-visit destination for anyone exploring Tuscany’s treasures.

The Timeless Beauty of Siena

Duomo di Siena | Siena Cathedral | Siena
Plazzo Pubblico | Siena | best places to visit in Tuscany

Situated in the heart of Tuscany, Siena is a captivating city that promises a journey through time. With its rich history, medieval charm, and a thriving sense of tradition, Siena is a must-visit destination for travelers seeking the best places to visit in Tuscany.

The centerpiece of Siena is the Piazza del Campo, a shell-shaped square where the famous Palio horse race is held twice a year. This historic event showcases the city’s fierce neighborhood rivalries and centuries-old customs. The Duomo di Siena, a stunning Gothic cathedral, is another architectural masterpiece that graces the city’s skyline. Its intricate facade and interior artwork are a testament to Siena’s artistic legacy.

Siena’s quaint streets are a delight to explore, offering boutique shops, cozy cafes, and delectable trattorias. Indulge in local specialties like Pici pasta and Chianti wine while you immerse yourself in the city’s vibrant culture. This destination is where history and beauty intertwine, promising an unforgettable Tuscan adventure.

Basilica San Domenico | Siena | Tuscany

The Basilica of San Domenico in Siena stands as a breathtaking testament to Gothic architecture in Tuscany. With its imposing structure and rich religious heritage, this landmark offers a profound glimpse into the medieval soul of Siena

Our list of the best places to visit in Tuscany

Planning a trip to Italy means making a perfect itinerary that will include all the majestic spots, and Tuscany is one of them. The list above contains the best places to visit in Tuscany, and they are areas that will make your journey genuinely memorable. Now that you know what is an absolute must in this Italian region, you can start packing your bags – Tuscany waits for you! 


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